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Facilitating dramatic performance improvements at Kautex

Leading plastic fuel tank systems manufacturer Kautex is part of a £6.7 billion, multi-industry business, operating in 25 countries.

Interference and network speed issues were causing significant equipment failure and downtime on site. The business was also facing security problems, with an ageing door access control system and ability to monitor staff attendance.

We quickly identified that the root cause of the network problem was outdated copper cables and installed - quickly, seamlessly, within strict time constraints and with minimal disruption on site - a high speed fibre and shielded cat6 solution to reduce interference and increase speed between switches. We also worked with door entry experts, Paxton, to design and install a new and bespoke, state of the art door system with a ‘restricted access’ feature and advanced time management capability.

The introduction of a fibre optic network infrastructure has resulted in dramatic improvements for Kautex. Downtime is now a thing of the past, clients enjoy a much better service experience, machinery is more reliable and product turnaround has vastly improved. The business has also seen huge improvements in employee time proficiency, which in turn has improved overall productivity, and the new door access system maintains a high level of security around the building, ensuring the safety of employees and machinery. The firm attributes - in part - a dramatic increase in profit to our input.

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