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Networking Cabling in Leeds

Commonly referred to as network or structured cabling, data cabling is the core infrastructure used when creating a network to make sure everyone who needs to can connect to it.

Our team has over 15 years' experience in the electrical and data cabling industry, and our cables - and the infrastructures they create - are fully tested by highly trained experts in the field.

Over the past five years, as internet speeds have increased and the information transfer requirements of businesses have become ever more demanding, data cabling has evolved. There are now six cabling categories designed to cater for today's increased capacity requirements:

  • Cat 5e cabling
  • Cat 5e shielded cabling
  • Cat 6 cabling
  • Cat 6a cabling
  • Cat 7 cabling
  • Cat 8 cabling

To demonstrate the bandwidth range across the six cabling categories, Cat 5 cabling has a maximum bandwidth of 155MHz and the new Cat 8 cabling has a maximum bandwidth of 1400MHz.

Data cable types & benefits

Cat 5/5e cabling – one of the earlier cable types, Cat 5 and 5e cabling are still used in businesses where budget is limited and large data transfers aren’t required. Most Cat 5 cables are unshielded and rely on a balanced line, twisted pair design. Cat 5 cables have largely been superseded by the cat 5e (enhanced) cable and more recently Cat, 6, 7 & 8.

Cat 6/6A cabling – brought in to replace Cat 5 cables, Cat 6 has a maximum bandwidth of 400MHz and is the most popular cable type used in the industry today. It's ideal for businesses transferring moderates amount of data who require internet access at an above average speed.

Cat 7/7A cabling – Cat 7 cabling is backwards compatible, and was introduced to enable 10GB Ethernet connections. These cables are ideal for use in technology companies or digital agencies where rapid internet connection is required.

Cat 8 cabling – the future of data cabling is the Cat 8 cable. It has a maximum bandwidth of 1400MHz, making it a real asset when it comes to creating multimedia infrastructures. Being able to transfer video, TV, CCTV and more - as well as the age old ability to transfer computer data - makes it the perfect solution for large or growing businesses.

For more information on how our expert team can provide you with a data cabling solution that meets your requirements, get in touch with us today.

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