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IT Network Testing Services in Leeds

Is your business really secure?

IT security breaches cost UK small and medium sized businesses £10bn every year, and the average SME loses £5000 annually through to IT security issues. When it comes to determining the strength of your existing IT security, our strategic testing will identify vulnerabilities and highlight areas for improvement to protect your business and critical data.

We provide a number of network security assessment services designed to help you understand how secure your network is currently, identify gaps that may expose your business to risk or cause it to fall short of compliance requirements. We also provide bespoke solutions based on the assessment findings, giving you total peace of mind that vital business data is secure from attack.

Keeping your data secure

Businesses are obliged by law to keep customer, employee and supplier data safe and secure. Failure to do so can result in reputational damage, heavy fines and, potentially, prosecution. This makes identifying vulnerabilities in your IT system, and plugging any gaps, essential. We can help you do this, quickly and effectively.

A range of security assessments

We know that every company is different, and our security assessment services are tailored to meet individual business needs. Our team has worked with companies across many different sectors, which has given us in-depth knowledge of the issues businesses face as well as the vulnerabilities that are specific to your industry. When it comes to IT security, our team stays ahead of the latest developments and offers top level testing to find out how robust your current systems really are.

Penetration testing

We can show you how vulnerable your critical data is to thieves, and how easy it would be for someone to plant a virus or malware on your server. Our penetration tests assess your network to determine the vulnerability of your system to attack by external hackers as well as internal attacks from members of staff, visitors, temporary workers or others with access to your internal networks.

Help to secure your system

Once we have helped you to identify any weaknesses in your network, we will work with you to make your information systems and data more secure. Our security reports include recommended remediation measures to address vulnerabilities and help you improve security, and our team will help you to upgrade your system as required, as well as putting together a robust backup regime and disaster recovery protocol.

If you would like us to test your IT network and help make sure your business is protected from the risks of cyber attack, please get in touch.

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