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Professional IT Infrastructure migration services in Leeds

Our aim is to keep your networks safe and performing at the highest level. As your business develops and information technologies become increasingly sophisticated, our consultation advice and support will help you maintain an IT infrastructure that will support your core business functions.

At some point, every business needs to review and update hardware and software to make sure it remains up to date, secure and efficient. Periodically installing new applications and hardware allows you and your team to work more productively and keep costs down.

It might be a case of updating existing laptops and workstations, or you might be migrating your entire IT system to a new network. We can help.

Benefit from the latest applications

Enjoying the benefits of newer operating systems and applications that take advantage of faster processing powers involves investing in newer hardware technologies. Whether your business needs to upgrade individual workstations or servers or migrate the entire IT infrastructure to new hardware, we can help. Our computer consultants will work with your business to create an optimal upgrade and migration plan that will streamline the transition from old to new with minimal service interruption.

Protect hardware, software and data against cyber crime

Staying up to date is essential to keep your data, and that of your customers, secure in a world of rapidly changing security threats. Old workstations and applications, or servers running on unsupported systems, are easy targets for hackers and criminals, which means investing in keeping your IT systems up to date is vital. It only takes one attack to wipe out years of hard work, and turn profit into loss. Supported operating systems provide frequent security patches to protect your system from newly identified threats. Upgrading servers and workstations will make sure that your IT system is protected against external threats.

Information system migration without disruption

We provide a full Windows server migration service and ongoing support to make sure that your business always has access to the fastest and most secure network. Our fully trained staff are familiar with both Windows Server and standalone operating systems and software.

We will also help you plan IT system migrations and updates, making sure they are implemented at the most convenient time and that the most effective - and cost effective - solutions are selected. Our expertise means that you can take advantage of the latest technology and source the hardware and software you need at competitive prices.

No business can afford to be without access to IT for any length of time. Every minute spent without it costs money. Our Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) certified network engineers and Microsoft certified support staff will make sure you can continue to serve your customers while your network, hardware and software systems are updated or upgraded. We have managed hundreds of network migrations for many different businesses, and we know how to keep you operating efficiently while updates are implemented.

No task is too big, too small or too complex. So whether you are moving premises or just want to update your IT systems, we are here to help you to do it quickly and with minimal disruption.

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