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Building Energy Management

Saving you money through smarter energy management

The integration of building automation systems is the final step in the evolution of intelligent buildings.

Bringing control of security, lighting, HVAC, access control, fire and intruder alarm systems together gives you a single, central point for building automation that will keep your premises working effectively, efficiently and in perfect harmony. It's great starting point in effective building management.

But an intelligent energy monitoring system that can capture and collate data across every one of these areas and pull them together into a single dashboard that enables you to quickly and easily identify where energy savings can be made across your entire estate takes things a stage further; turning a reactive building management system (BMS) into a vital management tool.

What can an energy management system do for your business?

Against a backdrop of rising costs, sourcing effective energy control systems is becoming increasingly important for building and facilities management teams.

Building Energy Management software allows you to monitor energy performance across one or more sites, bringing data from a range of sources together in one place for you to analyse and use to inform future investment decisions. It can help you reduce energy costs and waste, optimise your existing BMS, meet performance standards - such as ISO 50001 - as well as making informed decisions about energy saving measures and investments across your estate.

Creating an effective Building Energy Management System (BeMS)

We understand the complexity of energy management across an entire estate. And we thrive on taking away the headaches of managing the various different energy management components by providing a single, fully integrated energy control system that covers your entire estate.

Our bespoke, hardware agnostic energy management software centralises data logging and reporting across all platforms, giving you a bridge between IT and facilities management. We give you in-depth monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities that allow you to drill down into the finer details of energy performance across your entire site or estate, accessing valuable business intelligence that will help you make informed decisions about where energy savings can be made, as well as production efficiency, resource optimisation, energy usage and cost management.

To learn more about how we can help you manage energy performance across your site or estate, read our introduction to Building Energy Management or Contact us.

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