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Emergency Escape Lighting

Enhanced building safety for building regulation compliance

Emergency and passive infrared (PIR) lighting kicks in when power fails, operating automatically to help guide people out of buildings to safety in the event of emergency and to provide quick and easy access to vital safety equipment.

Positioning the right level of emergency lighting in exactly the right places in accordance with Building Regulations and any local authority requirements involves experience and expert knowledge. The Dynamic Networks team has both.

We work with offices, facilities management companies, manufacturers, property developers, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges and universities in Yorkshire - among others – to ensure their premises meet the required safety standards for effective and efficient emergency escape and standby lighting.

Our starting point is a comprehensive site survey to determine your needs. From there, we will design and install a system that is tailor made for your organisation. We also offer a range of aftercare and maintenance packages to ensure the continued high performance of your system.

Supporting business continuity

Emergency escape lighting is a regulatory requirement. Standby lighting is not a legal requirement in all buildings, but many forward thinking organisations choose to commission it as part of business continuity and disaster recovery planning. You can find out more about our emergency power backup services to help keep your business running smoothly in the event of power failure here.

Contact us to find out more or arrange a building or site healthcheck today to make sure your premises meets building regulations.

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