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Wi-Fi Systems and Installation

Making wireless technology work for your business

As well as boosting connectivity and productivity, getting the right Wi-Fi provision in place can significantly reduce your hardware costs and IT support requirements. It can also take building control and automation to the next level, creating intelligent, energy saving workplaces and homes.

Most people now enjoy Wi-Fi at home and have come to expect the same experience when they work or travel. Far from the niche technology it used to be, wireless technology has become part of life for the vast majority of people, and there are all manner of solutions on the market to help businesses of all sizes create and maintain the connectivity they need.

Establishing your needs

Whether you simply need a Wi-Fi router or separate guest Wi-Fi access in an office environment; a Wi-Fi hotspot; partial coverage to give high bandwidth access for mobile devices; total wireless coverage across one or many sites; or an enterprise Wi-Fi solution, we can help.

Our team offers a number of survey options, ranging from a single office survey to a multi-site option where you require a wireless network that will deliver complete coverage across all areas for multiple users with broad-ranging access requirements.

We will provide you with a detailed report outlining the solutions that will best meet your needs. Those solutions might include creating a wireless bridge to access networks in other buildings; a wireless mesh that strategically places wireless access points around your site to provide coverage over longer distances; or installing a Wi-Fi signal booster or wireless range extender to enhance performance.

All of the systems we design and install include the capacity to create separate access for staff, guests or directors (for example), as well as the ability to allocate specific bandwidth between different areas of your organisation with varied web usage.

Choosing the right tools for the job

We are not tied to any one particular vendor, and we partner only with the most respected and tested product providers to select the products that will meet your requirements based on our network engineers’ in-depth knowledge and experience, and ensure you achieve maximum connectivity for minimum investment.

Contact Dynamic Networks today to discuss your Wi-Fi requirements with one of our experienced network engineers.

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The Dynamic team have done a great job. They’ve delivered exactly what was promised to a very high standard and their customer service is excellent, as are their response times. Working with them has been a very good experience and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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