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Enterprise Wifi Systems

Custom built Wi-Fi systems for your organisation

With so much resting on business productivity, poor Wi-Fi connection and support can slow a business down or even bring it to a standstill. Our enterprise Wi-Fi solutions are custom designed to meet the specific needs of organisations of all sizes, in particular:

Mobile working – in today’s flexible working environments, where remote and mobile working are commonplace and video and mobile conferencing are prevalent, connectivity is key. An enterprise Wi-Fi solution, custom designed and built for your business, will ensure your network can cater for these requirements.

Guest access – whilst the main reason for providing Wi-Fi in your business may be to enable staff to work productively, visitors will often bring devices with them and almost certainly expect a Wi-Fi connection to be available to them. The ability to provide guest access, or even a captive portal that requires an email address to access, and to separate guest traffic from everyday Wi-Fi traffic ensures guests can enjoy connectivity without affecting your day-to-day business operations.

Security – the security risks associated with giving access to your networks are well documented. A system that enables you to split bandwidth and allocate it on a secure basis, along with intrusion protection software, provides a cost effective and secure solution.

As well as separate access for staff, guests or directors, our sophisticated enterprise Wi-Fi solutions also enable you to allocate specific bandwidth to different areas of your organisation based on internet traffic volumes.

We work with organisations of all sizes to deliver bespoke, futureproofed Wi-Fi systems that provide the connectivity they need. For more information about our enterprise Wi-Fi systems and support, contact us.

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The Dynamic team have done a great job. They’ve delivered exactly what was promised to a very high standard and their customer service is excellent, as are their response times. Working with them has been a very good experience and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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