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Wireless Mesh Networks

Delivering connectivity throughout your organisation

Wireless mesh networks are used to create 'blanket' coverage and connectivity across a site or specified area.

We partner with leading wireless technology specialists to bring you guaranteed connectivity and seamless coverage across your site. No more dropped connections part way through phone calls or lost connections as staff or guests move around your site, just better connections.

As with our point to point and multi-point wireless services, we can create multiple networks within your connection – e.g. staff, guest or directors' Wi-Fi - and also allocate bandwidth between different areas of your organisation that reflect different traffic levels. And, with security measures as standard with all of our Wi-Fi systems, you can enjoy complete connectivity safe in the knowledge that your system is secure.

For more information about our wireless mesh networks expertise, contact us.

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The Dynamic team have done a great job. They've delivered exactly what was promised to a very high standard and their customer service is excellent, as are their response times. Working with them has been a very good experience and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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