Annabel Walker

Annabel Walker

General Manager
Annabel is responsible for ensuring the day to day operations at Dynamic always run smoothly. She works very closely with our Group CEO James Baird and our IT and NESSA teams. 
One of the most important parts of Annabel's role is ensuring that we always deliver an exemplary service for our clients, maintaining our reputation for high quality services and professional team members. She regularly assesses our existing processes and uses her attention to detail, effortless organisational skills and business savvy know how to amend, streamline and improve the way we work.

It's a highly collaborative role that sees Annabel liaising not only with members of our own team but also many of our key contracters, partners and suppliers to ensure everything always runs smoothly. 

Annabel's insights and advice

Meet the MD: James Baird

"James Baird has been inspired by the integrity his grandad and father displayed, as he has navigated his career through being an electrician, starting his first business in electrical services and his current business, Dynamic Networks Group."