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Dynamic Networks

The Dynamic Networks Secure Client Portal is our own software solution that’s dedicated to helping improve your business’ IT, networks and security through one easy to use interface. Not only does it let you access important documents related to the services and projects we’re working on with you, but it also displays the status of your support tickets, appointments and so much more.

It’s personalised to your business, so it only shows the information that’s relevant to you and we can provide granular access permissions for individuals you work with so the right people see the right things.

Access data from the past & present

Not only can you access all your current support tickets, cyber security risk assessment scores, services and contracts active now, but you can also access historical documents and data in your account too. This allows you to keep track of our working relationship over time and draw comparisons between how your IT services and support are performing now and how they used to perform. It’s transparent and it gives you real visibility of how we are working together.

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Be proactive about your IT

With our secure client portal you can quickly and easily complete a cyber security assessment form to get an expert risk score for your business security. This ability to self-serve cyber security risk assessments allows you to take control of your IT security and support so you can make better business decisions when you need to.

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Help us help you

Our client portal is always developing. We are continually working on new ways to make it more beneficial for our clients and we’re always looking to add new tools, features and functionality to improve its use. We’re also happy to take on board your feedback, ideas and suggestions so we can make it work better too. Do you have something to tell us?

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