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When the proverbial hits the fan, do you know who is doing what, when, why and how?

A business continuity plan tells you what you need to do when the worst happens, whether the worst is a flood, a fire, a power outage or a cyber-attack. In order words, it ensures your business is properly prepared to deal with anything that has the capacity to disrupt normal operations, in order to minimise the consequences. It gives your businesses the best shot at successfully getting through a disaster and back to normal operations as soon as possible. Is your business ready for if the worst should happen?
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With our support, a disaster doesn’t have to be a crisis. 

We’ll give you the strategy, organisation, processes and technology you need, to help you deal with the impact of events outside your direct control. It’ll help protect your business assets, take care of your team and reduce downtime to the absolute minimum. We’ll make sure you understand all the potential risks to your business and give you detailed documentation to help you prioritise your response. On top of that, we can even help you implement the process and technology you need to put the plan into practise, from disaster recovery plans, to 24/7 IT support and off-site data back-ups. Whatever you need, our experts have got you covered.
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Assessment and gap analysis

Our IT consultants will examine your business critical processes and functions, to determine what resources they need – including premises, people, suppliers, and technology, in order to keep running smoothly. We'll identify potential risks to your business, highlight vulnerabilities and give you the plan you need to mitigate these risks and strengthen any weaknesses. 

Strategy, planning and organisation

A business continuity plan is about more than just compliance. It’s about giving your team the tools they need to spot any potential risks to your businesses and enabling them to take action to address those risks before a major problem occurs. That’s why our business continuity plan takes into account the strategies, structure, skills, communications, business processes and IT processes needed to make your business function successfully.

Training, advice and guidance

Our business continuity experts can tailor our services to suit your business needs, from delivering training videos and routine exercises to relocation drills that test your off-site recovery capabilities. On top of that, we’ll also provide advice and guidance on outsourcing your entire business continuity strategy to deliver longer-term, larger-scale managed business resilience.

Everything you need to keep your business running smoothly...

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Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery

Vulnerability Scanning

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Disaster recovery is just one part of business continuity planning!

It’s a common misconception that a disaster recovery plan is the same as a business continuity plan but that’s not the case! A disaster recovery plan is specifically tailored towards maintaining and restoring your IT infrastructure and operations after a disaster strikes, so it’s massively important but it addresses just one aspect of your business operations (and we can help with this too). A business continuity plan covers much more than this, taking in to account the continuity of your entire organisation. It covers business processes, asset management, human resources, business partnerships and even more besides. It’s the complete handbook of how to successfully keep your business operating effectively no matter what.
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