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Understanding potential vulnerabilities in your network is an important first step towards total system security. Our penetration tests safely simulate an attempted cyber security breach, which allows our team to identify weak spots and assess the potential impact of a cyber attack on your network and data. Taking a proactive approach means that you’ll find any weaknesses in your system before a potential attacker does, and can address them.

How strong is your network?

The penetration testing we offer covers both external and internal testing. External testing focuses on web applications and works through an exhaustive list of commonly used cyber attack techniques to identify where your network could be vulnerable to an outside attack. It’s just as important to look at what would happen if an attacker got inside your network, too, either through your Wi-Fi network or by physically gaining access to your building. Our internal penetration test simulates a network breach from the inside, assessing - among other things - the security of individual workstations and reporting back to you with detailed findings and recommended actions. 

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Is your data safe?

There’s only one way to find out. Let our experts put your network through its paces then you can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure and your IT system is well placed to withstand a cyber attack.

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"Following on from the potentially devastating WannaCry NHS ransomware attacks earlier this month, we have been inundated with requests about how businesses can safeguard against future attacks. "

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