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Looking For Azure Specialists?

Azure is Microsoft's flagship cloud platform and is one of many solutions and services that are designed to help customers, businesses, and employees solve today's issues and challenges so that they are set up for success in the future. The world of work has changed, is changing, and will continue to do so as long the digital transformation keeps up its runaway train-like momentum. Azure's cloud computing service lifts you out of the quagmire of physical servers, offices, and the traditional, unproductive 9-5 routine that so many companies see as the only solutions available to them. 

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What Is Microsoft Azure?

Once known as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is, as we mentioned, a series of services that users access via the cloud. Azure is not just one system, it's a group of services that help transform the ways a business operates and exists. These services include computing, extra cloud storage, analytics, and networking. A key feature that makes Azure so popular is the pick-and-mix nature of the applications, users can select parts that are relevant to their business and build new, scalable platforms or gain access to existing tools and infrastructure that are available in the public cloud provider. 


Meeting your long-term business goals

Azure is fundamental in its nature and its main goal is to help businesses, such as small businesses that are looking to make a success of their own digital transformation, manage large challenges and meet long-term goals as an organisation. Azure isn't necessarily about boosting sales, or helping recruit, say, developers or marketing managers, it's more about radicalising the way you work so you're set up for long-term success and are able to ride the wave of future changes comfortably. 

Allowing full flexibility

Furthermore, because Azure has open-source development at its heart, customers from across all industries can use the tools, resources, and infrastructure that they are comfortable with. The flexibility of this is one of the many reasons businesses are on a mission to migrate to Azure and take advantage of its capabilities. Here at Dynamic, we have seen first hand the power of Azure and use our years of combined experience to meet the requirements of our clients so they can achieve their long-term infrastructure goals and enjoy the abilities of the platform in the here and now.

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A cost-effective solution for your business

Work isn't where you go any more, it's something you do and the need for a scalable, cost-effective solution to collaborate on content, harness new smart technology, and enjoy it all with multilayered security features is becoming more of an expectation than ever before. However, secure solutions that harness the Azure cloud technology aren't the easiest to implement which is why working with an IT support company such as Dynamic Networks Group makes so much sense. 

Our Dynamic team can help 

Having worked with plenty of businesses, at different stages of their digital transformation, with their migration to Azure's cloud products makes us confident that our team of IT managed service experts can help you understand and harness these truly revolutionary products. In addition to Azure, we have experience working with a suite of other Microsoft applications such as Office 365, and SharePoint, both of which complement the experiences offered by Azure. 

Take your business operations to the next level

​There is no doubt that the Azure platform can take the way your business operates up a level or two, unshackling you from expensive hardware and servers really can fundamentally alter your day-to-day business practices. But what does that mean in practice? What other real-world benefits are there to opting to work with an IT support company such as Dynamic Networks Group and letting our team introduce you to Azure? Having helped a series of companies with Azure and empowering their employees and teams - we're confident we can help you in your search for cloud-based systems and to help you see the benefits of such an application from day one.
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How does this technology work?

Azure works beyond just the basics of cloud and removes the need for businesses and organisations to host their own infrastructure. Before the advent of cloud service providers such as Azure, businesses would invest in their own hardware which would then need to be managed (for a fee) by an expert and costs to ensure a good internet connection would also have to be paid out to ensure customers could access the site. Thankfully, this clunky way of doing things has been done away with, cloud providers have streamlined everything and now businesses just pay for access to an incredible library of open source technologies and third-party applications. This allows companies and organisations to enjoy ready-made or custom solutions and host web servers, email servers, databases, files storage solutions and basically anything you could ever need to run a company. 

After a party has completed the application process, and become a member of Azure, they have access to something called the Azure Portal which contains cloud-based resources that can be used to radically improve business operations, and reduce the need for servers and other expensive hardware on-premises. The Azure portal also acts as a commercial cloud vendor and gives users access to third-party applications that haven't been built by Microsoft. The applications are varied and are full of options for businesses looking for answers, greater collaboration methods, and ways to improve client delivery methods. The price of them is different depending on the program, some are paid for using a subscription fee, and others are just one standalone price.

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We are accredited Microsoft Cloud Engineers

Working in Azure not only means you enjoy the benefits of bespoke applications, but you also get the assistance and help of accredited Microsoft cloud engineers and developers who have a history of being able to solve all sorts of problems. Should you ever encounter a problem, no matter how big or small, their engineers can spend time solving the issue for you, leaving you to focus on other business. It also saves you time because you're not having to search for a third-party expert from another business whose availability to fix an issue might not match yours.

Completely Scalable

Growing as a business shouldn't be a punishing time, it should be an exciting one. With Azure and help from Dynamic Networks Group, you can quickly scale up your cloud operations at a moment's notice without having to worry about vastly increased costs. This allows you to recruit new talent, take on more clients, and offer in-depth services faster than your competitors.

Read More From Your Data

Data is everything. Without analytics, the decisions you make as a business are done on a hunch and could cause more problems than they solve - which is the absolute last thing you want. Azure can draw upon its analytical and database functionalities to help draw out more valuable insights which can help you make informed decisions, based on solid data. The kind of insight that Azure offers you is priceless and would be incredibly difficult, nevermind prohibitively expensive, to replicate in-house.

Become More Credible

Showcasing that your company is an Azure user, and has spent the time investing in sufficient cloud architecture, shows to potential clients that you're a group that understand these systems, sees the benefits, and takes the investment in them seriously. Investing in Azure, and its advanced security features can lend credibility to your products and services and increases something between you and your clients that cannot be bought - trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no denying Azure is a complicated system and, as a result, we get asked a lot of questions about the cloud-based nature of it, the effects it has on daily operations, and the process of installing it. So, to speed things up for you and to ensure you get the right answer to your question, we have compiled answers to 4 commonly asked questions relating to Azure. If you don’t find your answer here then, by all means, get in touch with our team who will happily provide an expert answer on any topic to do with Azure.

Is Azure Secure?

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IT security is important for obvious reasons and for those looking to use Azure, and work with a managed IT services company such as Dynamic Networks Group, you can rest assured that security is at the heart of this platform. In fact, Microsoft spends $1 billion a year on security and 24-hour monitoring. In terms of specifics, Axure uses a Swecurity Development Lifecycycle (SDL) which is there to continuously ensure that Azure is protected. In addition, the SDL builds on the Operations Security Assurance (OSA) to guarantee secure operations during the use of the services. All this means that Azure is the only platform of its type to offer continuous monitoring. 

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Who Uses Microsoft Azure?

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Due to its broad scope and wide-ranging capabilities, Azure is used by a whole host of companies that have a strong web presence and work in digital services. Of course, this kind of platform isn't going to be much use to, for example, a company that deals with scaffolding, but for businesses that operate online and use similar platforms to run their business, Azure is ideal. More than just 'using' it, Azure aims to become the backbone of your business so that you run every element of your company through it in one centralised location that all team members can access.

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How Much Does Azure Cost?

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Azure is a big system and is filled with a broad range of applications, content, and tools that businesses can use. As a result of this vastness, the pricing structure isn't as clear as other Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, which has 3 pricing options. Azure's prices vary enormously but there are no initial costs when a business signs up and users only pay for what they use and, in some instances, applications will charge by the hour.

While pay-per-hour may seem, on its face, expensive, it really isn't. Businesses can freely use these apps all year round for a total fee that doesn’t come close to the price of having to develop their own applications or bring these systems in-house.

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Where Is My Azure Data Held?

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Rather than just one centralised area that houses all Azure data, Microsoft prefers to operate across the globe and, as a result, has data centres everywhere. This global presence allows them to cover more areas of the world, and in total, they have a presence in 140 countries, across 54 regions. When you start using Azure you can select the area that you would like to operate from, giving you greater choice about your data residency and letting you take advantage of Azure’s data security options. While Azure isn't available across every country, or region, of the world just yet, Microsoft is continually investing in infrastructure developments. However, you can be sure that those who work with Dynamic Networks Group can absolutely take advantage of Azure!

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As we've established Azure can change everything and radically alter the way you operate as a company, speeding up collaboration, empowering departments, and putting you ahead of the competition. As a managed IT services company, we have assisted business, big and small, across the north-west and the UK in areas such as OldhamBradford and Wakefield so please feel free to get in touch by phone on 0333 210 1231, email us at, or, alternatively, fill out the contact form below!

We're not unaware of the complications and daunting nature of Azure which is why our IT experts will be able to educate your company, and its team, so that from day one, you feel comfortable using this service and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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