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Synonymous around the world for helping businesses and organisations find solutions to operating on a daily basis, Microsoft Office 365 for business is a suite of services, programmes, and premium features that help people create work they are proud of. This programme, and its products, is broad and wide-ranging and is designed to help a company create work, send emails, boost productivity and promote teamwork.

However, to get the most out of these in-depth applications and online services, it is wise for a business to work with an IT support company such as Dynamic Networks Group. Our group of experts have a tried and tested deployment method that ensures your team of employees can benefit from all facets of this popular program. From the moment you reach out to us, we'll work hard to understand your business and determine the best way to integrate the options available to you. Too often we see users not realise the broad potential that Office 365 for business can give them, they believe that it starts at Microsoft PowerPoint, and ends at Outlook emails. However, there are so many advanced features and intelligent cloud services available to people that they may not have even realised existed.

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What Is Office 365 For Business?

The Office suite of tools is Microsoft's answer to business productivity and is a way for companies to create, collaborate, and communicate in ways that are natural, and crucially, productive. Office’s apps do include standard desktop products such as WordExchangeExcelSharePoint, and Teams, but, because the system itself is cloud-based, there are also other services and experiences available to employees - all of which complement each other and work seamlessly when integrated, making their jobs more agile. 

Solutions for your entire business 

It's not hyperbole to say that Office 365 can help run your entire company. Take, for instance, Outlook which is one of many services which can help businesses sell their goods and services and promote their brand via a powerful, professional platform. One of Outlooks USPs is its calendaring feature which entire organisations can use to schedule meetings with customers and check the availability of colleagues - all of which helps improve time management. As we mentioned, Office 365's apps are all interconnected to each other, and the wider web. 

Boost your team activity

Giving employees access to Office 365 makes once menial, long-winded tasks, quicker and more efficient. From sharing knowledge and communicating with colleagues to processing data and analytics, and planning future events. Freeing them from these kinds of tasks allows teams to spend time on more meaningful pursuits that help grow profit margins and win higher value leads. Away from productivity and benefits to staff, the advantages to an organisation's bottom line are also immediately apparent when they decide to use the cloud services offered here. The cost of searching, buying, and installing physical equipment such as servers, can be astronomical, especially for bigger businesses.

Flexibility to grow with your business

They are also much more flexible and can grow with your business so if you find yourself needing to hire 4 or 5 new starters to help complete a high-value contract you don't have to spend more money on more internal infrastructure. You simply just add more users to the platform, safe in the knowledge it can handle the additional users. Office 365's logistics is handled entirely by Microsoft which is, again, another cost-saving exercise because, if systems go down, you don't have to spend money hiring a 3rd party to come and fix the issue. Microsoft will fix it and they will do it far quicker than you could in-house.

How Much Is Office 365 For Business?

There are three pricing plans for Microsoft Office 365 business, these options, as we'll detail, are varied and can help businesses in various stages of growth and development. The first and cheapest option is Microsoft 365 Business Basic which features web and mobile versions of popular Office apps and is £3.80 per month per user. The middle option is Microsoft 365 Business Standard which is £9.40 per month per user and, finally, the most expensive tier is Microsoft 365 Business Premium which is £15.10 per month per user. 

It's clear then that these solutions are very cost-effective, especially when you consider what you get for your investment. To make the most of the platforms, however, we strongly recommended working with our business IT support experts at Dynamic Networks Group. We can walk through the process with you and introduce you to the elements and functions of the applications that you may not have even realised you were paying for. We can help you maximise your investment, essentially, and proactively ensure you're always getting the most out of the Office 365 applications you have available to you. 

The range of features and benefits on offer

So, we've covered what is available in Office 365 and looked at some of the benefits of having these solutions embedded in your business, but what other important features and benefits are out there? Here, we'll detail some of the broader features and benefits that are on offer when you a) invest in Microsoft's platforms and b) work alongside Dynamic Networks Group to help maximise that investment.

All of the following features and benefits are clearly good, there is no denying that, but getting to the point where you can see all of them materially change your business for the better, can be tricky. We understand this which is why we work hard to introduce you to the platform and implement bespoke, tried-and-tested strategies that speed up the process and ensure the benefits make a difference from day one.

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License Management

Enjoy complete freedom over who has access to what in your organisation. License management involves giving out permissions to users for certain applications within the Office 365 ecosystem. This allows you to streamline your operations and ensure you only have what you need, leaving no excess fat slowing down processes and procedures. Remove the threat of human error by only giving specific platforms to people who know how to use them.

Full-lifecycle Deployment And Complete Back Up Solutions

Rest assured knowing you have the latest versions of the Office products you use. Automatic deployment of updates, at the end of product lifestyles, constantly introduces new and improved features so that you're always running as efficiently as possible. And, because you're operating in the cloud, there is no need to waste time on manually updating applications, it's all done for you before you even realise. In terms of backups, gone are the days of additional hard drives, memory sticks, and duplicate copies. 

Device Management

Freely add or remove individual devices that can access your Office 365 business account. This security feature also doubles as a handy way to scale your business quickly and allow genuine remote working for your staff by simply changing the settings so that laptops, tablets, and smartphones all have access to your business account.

Business Analytics 

Gain greater insight into your business and the consequences of your decisions with thorough business analytics. Use this data going forward to make better, more informed decisions that will lead to quicker, more streamlined business success. This kind of insight can be the difference between success and failure. Having real-time data to hand makes you not only more nimble, and tactful, but better informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office 365 is a big system with dozens of different apps and functionalities. Naturally, to get the most out of it, clients regularly ask us questions about the platform, so to help them and you find the right answer, we’ve provided some answers to four common questions. These are just some of the most commonly asked questions but if you have a query that isn't featured, feel free to reach out to our expert IT support team who will gladly chat through the issue with you.

What Does Office 365 Business Essentials Include?

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Office 365 Business Essentials includes the productivity apps we’ve come to know and love, as well as apps that help run business emails and calendars. There are also instant messaging videos and conferencing tools which widen the scope for how you and your team can communicate both internally, together, and externally with clients and outsourced workers. Crucially, users get a massive 1TB of storage when they pick the Essentials package.

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What Does Office 365 Business Premium Include?

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The premium version features all of the same core applications and the two cheaper versions, the only difference is in the advanced cyber threat detection and device management capabilities that are on offer. For large businesses of 300 or fewer, Business Premium will work great for them. For those with over 300 staff, Microsoft 365 for enterprise should be considered as this has increased compliance and security management features which are suited to bigger companies.

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How To Install Office 365 Business?

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When working with our team of IT support experts, you'll never have to worry about a thing when it comes to installing these applications and platforms. We'll take care of it all... all you need to do is remember your passwords! Typically though, an installation process involves adding relevant employees to the Office 365 infrastructure so they can download and install the products selected before moving all files and storage to the cloud system. Our process is bespoke to you and can be tweaked and adapted to suit the types of files and products you're looking to use - from day one, you'll be able to use Office 365 in full.

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Which Apps Are In Office 365?

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Which Apps Are In Office 365?

The apps you have in your package depends on the type of plan you have chosen. However, there are a certain amount of core applications that come with all three tiers of Office 365 business. These include classics such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype, Publisher and Access. As well as these common apps, there are quite a few overlooked programs that are extremely powerful but underused by a lot of users. For instance, Microsoft Sway is a presentation program which pulls content from your drives, or from the internet. Sway can also integrate Youtube and Facebook videos seamlessly. Other underused, but no less effective, apps include Yammer, MyAnalytics, and Office Delve.

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To learn more about office 365 contact our IT experts today

Office 365 is a relatively simple thing to install but, to get the most out of it, it’s best to work with an IT support team that has years of combined experience who can navigate past common installation issues and set you on a path to success, with this platform, from day one. So, if you're interested in maximising your usage of Office 365 then get in touch with our IT experts at Dynamic Networks Group. We've helped companies of all sizes across the north-west and UK, in areas such as LiverpoolYork, and Harrogate. We'd love to help you get the most out of your chosen Office 365 platform and feel confident that we're able to offer a service that others can't, so please reach out by phone on 0333 210 1231, email us at, or fill out the contact form below.

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