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In a world of remote working, where offices are becoming more and more unnecessary and people expect a level of flexibility, the need for technologies that can enable seamless sharing and collaboration between employees in different locations, across different devices, is vital. Here at Dynamic Networks Group, we have seen the world of work change before our very eyes and, as a result, have continuously offered plans, services, and applications that enable businesses to work how they want. One such solution is Microsoft SharePoint which, as we'll detail, allows businesses to share content and, for users, be more collaborative no matter where they are working from. All this kind of functionality ensures organisations can continue to provide customers with the products and services that have made them successful in the first place. 

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What Is Sharepoint?

This platform, which was founded and developed by Microsoft, is a web-based system that empowers teams to work together, control information access, and automate workflow processes using various methods such as workflow applications, security features and databases. In addition to the web-based SharePoint, there is also a cloud version which has even more in-depth integration capabilities and, because files are kept in a cloud system, workflows, templates and collaborative conversations can happen from any internet-connected device. 


Share common resources and knowledge seamlessly

Here at Dynamic Networks Group, we recommend combining this program and another Microsoft programme called OneDrive. By combining the two, your company and organisation can share common resources and knowledge seamlessly. This will enable smoother working practices that are far more efficient and beneficial for your team and your customers. A suite of tools such as these relinquishes you from the need to have dedicated servers or distinct content databases, giving your team the option to work in places that ensure their creativity, and productivity, are maximised.

Make effective teamwork easier and quicker

The collaboration element of SharePoint is key, and because it is a web-based space, people can upload reports, files and projects, and share that with colleagues that need to see them. Rich content management such as this includes the aforementioned workflow traits which control who sees work, and how they see it (i.e. whether they are allowed to edit it, or simply view it). Content to users can also be shared across emails to make effective teamwork easier and quicker.

What Is Sharepoint Used For?

As we've established, SharePoint is a fantastic way to share files with co-workers, but what else is it used for? Well, for over 15 years now, the platform has been used as an Intranet by companies who wish to work together on projects, pitches, and reports. Essentially, it allows more work to be done in less time and greatly increases productivity among departments and workers. 

However, one of the standout features of SharePoint is the fact it displays content items in a way that is immediately apparent as to why they exist. An organisation can require that people create background information for each document they create, including time created, tags, and when it was last worked on so that anyone looking to view that piece of work. 

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How can we help? 

Our team will work hard to understand your business needs and find ways to seamlessly integrate this platform, and other relevant systems, so that you feel the benefits of it from day one. We know that changing your ways of working can feel daunting and scary, which is why we'll always be on hand to not only install programs and portals but educate your team about how to use them, so that they are embraced and enjoyed, not neglected.

Other uses of SharePoint include

- Share websites with people outside your organisation.

- Create 'team sites' so that all members can access important files and update colleagues.

- Add a SharePoint library to that aforementioned team site which is packed with relevant information to ensure that the work created is accurate.

- Search across the company for relevant files and gain access quickly

Key benefits of this platform

So, we've established what the platform is, and what SharePoint is used for, but what are the benefits of those features? Why use SharePoint? Essentially. Well, after helping countless businesses in areas such as HuddersfieldHalifax and Liverpool with their SharePoint integration, we've come up with a list of benefits that you can enjoy from day one. 

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Improved Security And Compliance

Sharing company documents, projects, and reports may very well contain sensitive information about accounts, projections, and forecasts. If this information was leaked or hacked into by a third party, the damage could be catastrophic. This is especially true if a business handles client information and payment details. This platform will ensure that any information shared is done so in a way that is secure and safe, leaving you to focus on the substance, not the security. 

Better Productivity And Seamless Information Exchange

Our team can integrate this system in such a way so that you can offer genuinely flexible working arrangements. By allowing people to work in ways that suit them, without sacrificing the ability to operate normally, you're going to increase their productivity because they are going to feel empowered and want to work harder. As well as this, the speed and real-time collaborative abilities, that are brought forward by this platform, will also increase productivity levels. It’s clear that data and information are the bedrock of success for a majority of companies. 

High Availability, Effective Integration, And Fluent Collaboration

We all work in our own way and that shouldn't be hindered by not being able to access files. Thankfully, these systems never switch off and are always available for people to use so that they can work when they feel most productive, or access files to add to when they have a new idea or fit of inspiration. Integration is one thing, but if it isn't right, it can create more problems than it solves. Luckily, by opting for both SharePoint and an IT services company such as Dynamic Networks Group, you can rest easy knowing that integration into your existing ways of work is going to be successful from the moment we finish installing the systems. 

Cost Savings

Get rid of the need to use other portals or subscriptions services and, instead, focus all your efforts on one platform. This reduction in using an array of different platforms will save you money and keep everything that is important to you on one system. The cost savings of removing unnecessary platforms from your business are clear, but something that is often overlooked is the time savings which are also made. By using one unified platform, there is no need to waste time logging into different programs, sharing passwords, or managing several file locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions and are always more than happy to help our clients by answering them. But, to save time and ensure you get the answer you’re looking for more quickly, we have provided answers to four of the most common questions that we get asked about Microsoft SharePoint. Should you still require help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us - we’ll be happy to chat about your SharePoint queries.

Is Microsoft SharePoint Free?

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There was a time where a basic version of SharePoint, called SharePoint foundation, was available that came with basic document management tools, and entry level features, which may not have been entirely suitable for businesses over 2 or 3 people but were, nonetheless, used. Now, however, Microsoft has discontinued this free version and now has 3 different pricing plans. The first is SharePoint Online Plan 1 which is £3.80 per user per month and Plan 2, the mid-range option is £7.50 per user per month. The most expensive option is called Office 365 E3 which includes SharePoint, and all other tools that Microsoft have built including their Office applications, Teams, Skype for Business, and Yammer - this is £17.60 a month. 

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Is Microsoft SharePoint Secure?

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In a word, yes. Very often, people fear that by using cloud services it will leave their data vulnerable but, in many cases, the opposite is, in fact, true. In the case of SharePoint, all communications and data are encrypted with one or more AES 256-bit keys and all use SLL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) connections. Information is also distributed across Microsoft's data centres so there is never one place where your information is stored, ensuring that hackers can't just go to a single area to steal data. Overall, you can feel very confident that all your company information is secure. 

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How To Use SharePoint?

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Using Microsoft SharePoint couldn’t be easier and is designed to be used by workers in all departments  regardless of their specialist capabilities. It's especially easy if you already use other Microsoft products. The platforms are incredibly intuitive and use a lot of drag and drop features which make uploading, downloading, and collaborating incredibly easy and effective. Oftentimes, things begin by creating a site from which you can access, organise, and share files and information from any device. Our team here at Dynamic Networks Group will happily educate and train your staff so that they feel comfortable using this, and other platforms, to their fullest capabilities.

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What Versions Of SharePoint Are There?

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Historically, there have been many versions which include SharePoint Enterprise 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2013 (discontinued in 2016), SharePoint Enterprise 2016 and, the latest version, SharePoint Enterprise 2019. Currently, there are just two versions, or editions, of this platform called 'standard' and 'enterprise'. What version is right for you depends on several factors and our team can work with you to determine which SharePoint solution is best for you, based on your needs and medium to long-term business goals.

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Interested In SharePoint? To Learn More About How We Can Help, Get In Touch

We hope we have sufficiently emphasised the benefits of being able to collaborate, and share, quickly and securely. We're passionate about helping businesses of all sizes - from small teams just starting out, to medium and large businesses that are looking to expand - with their SharePoint integration. Our years of knowledge, combined with our practical experience, makes us confident that we can help you enjoy nothing but the benefits of this platform.

For more information about this service or the other things we, as a managed IT service company, can do, please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone on 0333 210 1231, or email us at, alternatively, you are welcome to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We've worked in areas such as Bradford and York, as well as offering IT support in Manchester and Yorkshire so no matter where you are, we can help.

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