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What does IT Installation even mean?

The term “IT installation” covers everything from setting up a brand-new IT system to upgrading, migrating or replacing old IT equipment, to simply just refining and optimising your IT systems to improve performance. It’s not even just about hardware, IT installation covers software too. With so much falling into this category, it’s no surprise businesses often struggle to get to grips with what IT installations actually are and what they need, luckily, that’s where our experts can help.

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A dedicated installation team for your business

IT installations often take time and they can be technically advanced and even complicated. That’s why we have dedicated installation teams for all the clients we work with, so you have one point of contact who knows everything there is to know about your IT installation. This means we can provide the right advice and support at every step in the install process, giving you the peace of mind you need, to concentrate on what you do best.
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Headache-free installations

We know the last thing your businesses needs is unnecessary disruptions. That’s why with any installation we undertake, we always make sure new equipment is set up and fully-tested before we even arrive on-site. This helps minimise the time we need to spend on-site and keeps disruption to an absolutely minimum. Then once everything is in place, we are always on hand in those vital first few days to answer any questions that arise and to make sure everything works exactly as expected. No headaches, no disruption, no frustrations.
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Practicing what we preach

Following one of our clients suffering a switch failure, our cabling experts advised them to replace the faulty switch with a high end 10GB capable Unifi Kit. During the outage, the decision was taken to also completely refresh their cabling cabinet. From improving the speed and integrity of backups to enhancing the operating performance of CRM systems, the right infrastructure can have a measurable impact on business performance. It can also save you time and money! Sound good?
Practicing what we preach

Our IT installations commonly include:

Cyber Security Software

Cabling Installations

Upgrades & Migrations


Switches, Servers & Routers

IT Networking

Cloud Services