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Improved security & better access control

For construction sites, car parks and other areas that deal with lots of traffic and vehicles coming and going on a regular basis, automatic gates and barriers offer improved security and better access control. Depending on the security and control you need, our experts can advise you on the right options for your site. From radio remote control gates, to magnetic card reader systems, proximity detectors and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems, we’ve got you covered.
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Control, monitor and log vehicles entering your site

Installing an ANPR CCTV system is a cost-effective way to improve the security of your premises by controlling, monitoring and recording the registration number of all vehicles entering and exiting the site. It is a networked system that reliably reads the number plates on moving vehicles without losing focus. It functions in low light for 24/7 monitoring and handles the glare from vehicle headlights. 

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Proximity Card Readers  

Also known as 'Access control systems' or just 'Fob readers', these systems work so that when the user presents a key fob or access card to a reader, the gate or barrier opens automatically. Proximity card readers are a popular option for many businesses as these systems can be installed in a huge number of configurations from single card readers to a whole network of readers. That means the end solution can be tailored to suit your precise access control needs.

Intercom systems

To fully secure your property for access by both vehicles and pedestrians it is important to consider an intercom system to screen unexpected visitors or deliveries and allow access. Audio only intercom allows you to verify visitors based on spoken information. It’s a tried and tested solution you can always rely on. However, where access control needs to be even more reliable and secure, audio visual intercom is ideal. The addition of a video screen means visitors can be visually identified quickly and securely. It can even be connected to mobile devices so you always know who’s knocking on the door, even when you’re not there, for 24/7 security and access control.
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Leave your security, in our hands

We have the experience and technical knowledge to advice, plan and install whatever gates, barriers and access control solutions you need, whether you’re looking to restrict vehicle access onto factory estates and business parks, or simply controlling a private car park. Once everything is installed, we can also offer and recommend an annual maintenance visit to ensure reliable working and longevity of your security systems. Sound good?

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