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Achieve more when everything works together

Tailgating. It’s a real problem, not just on the roads but also when it comes to your site access control. While audio and AV intercoms ensure visitors are securely identified and biometric scanners, keypads and fobs prevent anyone without the right tools easily getting access to your premises, what do you do when someone politely holds the door open for someone else? Or how about when someone nips in behind someone else? In these scenarios something more fool proof is needed and that’s where a system integrated access control solution comes into play. This kind of access control installation does much more than just prevent tailgating though, it truly puts the control in access control.

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Make tight security even tighter

Security goes hand in hand with access control and the chances are you already have some CCTV coverage on your premises. That’s one system that already needs maintenance and monitoring so introducing an access control system may seem like it’s doubling the workload but not with an integrated access control system. Our experts can make your CCTV system and your access control system work together seamlessly using centralised management software. That means suspicious activity picked up by your access control system can automatically trigger your CCTV cameras into action. Add another layer of security by integrating your intruder alarms too. In this configuration, the centralised management system can quickly raise alarms on screen so security personnel can that trigger a sequence of pre-programmed responses so you’re never caught out when your security is compromised.

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Make your strict access control even stricter

It’s one thing limiting people moving in and out of your premises, but how about controlling where they go once they’re on site? In busy apartment buildings, university buildings, office blocks, hotels and even shopping centres, there are lots and lots of people moving around constantly, some guests and residents and others are staff. Integrating your access control system with lifts as well as doors effectively controls where certain people can go and when, keeping staff areas restricted to staff and private rooms’ private, giving you greater security and peace of mind.

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Make fire safety procedures even safer

Fire safety is incredibly important, especially for big businesses with lots of people to look after. Integrating your access control system with your fire safety alarms can automatically unlock doors in the event of an emergency for faster and safer site evacuation. Entry systems can also log the number of individuals on site at any one time so you can be sure everyone is safe and head counts are accurate.

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Make your smart energy management even smarter

Effective building energy management can help save you money by managing your energy usage better. But don’t just settle for smart energy management, make it super smart by integrating your BEM system and access control.  When these two systems work together you can effortlessly control your heating, ventilation and lighting systems so they’re only active in the right place at the right time, when people are in the building.

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Manage many sites and systems with a single management solution

We’ll take the trouble out of managing your access control systems across several different sites with our centralised management system, allowing for complete multi-site control. Ideal for the construction and hospitality sectors, it can be tailored to suit your precise access control needs including filtering access information by site, region and even teams. Easily generate reports on time and attendance, footfall and staffing levels as well as improving your security and safety with complete integration with your other security and automation systems. Sound good?

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Centralised access control management