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Stay in control of who enters your building

Video door entry systems are a very efficient and increasingly popular way of restricting or managing access to a whole building or a specific room.

An electronic door entry system can use an intercom or a more sophisticated audio and video feed that allows someone inside the building as a way of granting access to visitors. Using one at the entrance to your building helps keep your premises safe and secure.

We are able to design custom systems that make sense for your business and help to ensure only your employees and authorised visitors gain access.

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For a welcome that suits your style

Comelit entrance panels are design-conscious products, inspired by masters of modern architecture and decorating the entrance to your home in style. Elegant, durable frames that showcase all their technological potential when necessary. Elegance combined with leading-edge technology that, thanks to the door entry cameras, allows total control of the entrance of your home for greater security.

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