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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been described as the next wave in digitalisation. Essentially AI is a branch of computer science that is focused on creating and developing machines capable of thinking and working like the human brain. As a result, it’s developing computers that can successfully recognise speech, solve problems, learn and even plan. While that may sound incredibly futuristic, the truth is, artificial intelligence is already mainstream and chances are, you’ve already been using it through Siri, Amazon Echo, Netflix, Google’s Nest and loads more tools, applications and devices. It’s not all about entertainment though, with the right real time connections between people, things and data, artificial intelligence can create a hyper-connected environment that can supercharge your business.  Sound good?

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Smart security with facial recognition

Intelligent CCTV analytics transforms standard CCTV systems into intelligent, highly effective security systems. Facial and general recognition software systems are one of the latest developments in surveillance technology, giving companies the ability to quickly and accurately identify individual people and possessions. It’s about more than just security though, facial recognition software can also be used highlight VIPs allowing you to improve your customer service.

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