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There really is an app for that

Business is complicated. Different industries do different things in different ways, so finding software and applications that do exactly what you need them to do can often be a challenge. Custom applications and integrations with existing APIs ensure that you always have the controls you need to automate your unique business processes, especially when packaged software just won’t cut the mustard. Our experts can work with you to establish exactly what you need your application to do so we can deliver an app that really works. Sound good?
Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
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Apps from scratch

We can tailor the control and management of your automation systems by creating fully bespoke applications, created completely from scratch.  Careful integration with your smart devices and third party systems as well, means you’ll have one seamless management process, right at your fingertips.

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Template based apps

Template based applications mean you can fill in the blanks so your app matches not only your brand, but also your management needs and content requirements, without getting bogged down in the nitty gritty side of application development. We’ll give you the basic foundations, including an easy to use interface and standard application functionality, so all you need to do, is add on the bells and whistles you need, to suit your business.

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Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
Bespoke App Integration - Dynamic Networks Group

The right partners for the right systems

We work with industry leading integration partners with expertise across all areas of home and business automation. For audio visual systems, conferencing rooms, cinema rooms and audio installations we work alongside brands like Sonos, Sony and Yamaha. When it comes to lighting systems and HVAC we partner with companies such as Nest and Helvar, for security systems including CCTV and access control we work alongside Yale, Comelit and others and finally for TVs, protectors, networking and telephone conferencing we partner with Pioneer, Samsung, Cisco, Polycom and many more. With such an extensive list of integration partners we are always able to find a business automation solution that suits you. 
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Getting all your systems speaking the same language

APIs or application programming interfaces are sets of functions, rules, protocols and or procedures that allow the creation of applications that can interact with and access the features of other applications, software tools or operating systems. We’re experts in using APIs to get your business automation systems and other software all working in concert, giving you a centralised management tool that’s simple but effective. A little branding and design know how means it can even tie in with your brand identity too, for a completely seamless application, tailored to suit your business perfectly.

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