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We make construction site setup easy

When you have a build schedule to meet, time is of the essence. You need your site to be up and running, safe and secure, in the fastest possible timeframe. You also you need the site to run smoothly throughout the build. We’ve created a package that can be quickly installed and readily tailored to meet your specific site safety, security and management requirements for the duration of the project.

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The secret to dynamic construction projects

Our construction Site Setup service encompasses workforce management, site access, safety and cost control, giving you everything you need to make sure your site runs like clockwork. You need to know who’s on site at any given time, and sign in books are a thing of the past. Integrating sign in with site access is the ideal alternative, and we offer everything from a standard turnstile to a state of the art biometric system with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).
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Keeping your site safe and secure

We use advanced high definition, internet-based CCTV systems that allow you to remotely monitor your site 24/7. We can also arrange manned guarding from qualified and professional SIA-trained security personnel. Our wireless fire alarms can be integrated with fire aid call points, localised base station alerts and turnstiles to enable automatic release for swift evacuation. The Site Setup package also includes energy analysis software, allowing monitor energy use and identify where reductions can be made to keep all-important project costs under control.

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Everything you need

Site Setup means you can source everything you need from the same place in one convenient package, and we have a dedicated support team on hand, 24/7, to help you with maintenance and support throughout your building project. So before you start work on your next project, talk to us and find out how we can help keep your construction site secure and working efficiently.

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"As businesses grow, their infrastructure needs to be able to expand accordingly. And while access control may not be the most pressing issue as a company is starting out, as it grows and finds more staff, and more and more clients and visitors begin to require access to its buildings and site, the benefits of effectively controlled access speak for themselves."

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