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Smart Buildings are the future.

If you’re a landlord or investing in real estate, then you need to know about smart buildings and in particular, you need to know about how we do smart buildings. Unlike other providers, we don’t install smart technologies and automation systems and leave you dealing with loads of individual apps to manage. Instead, our solution offers one application for a multitude of services ranging from security solutions, to bill payment platforms, energy management, wireless networks and so much more. 

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Smart security

Go beyond using CCTV and access control to simply protect your property and people. With today’s commercial CCTV systems, you can benefit from support in areas you might never have even considered. Find out more about the smart security solutions we can install and manage to help make your security even smarter.

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Smart services

A complete end-to-end solution; from Wi-Fi planning and design through to deployment, third party systems integrations, 24/7 UK support and regular maintenance to help your business run effortlessly.

Smart living

Smart home bundles for residents, allowing them to intelligently manage their household with heating controls, door entry systems and integration with media systems.

Smart systems

Streamlined building-wide services, such as digital TV for residents, remote managed signage for centralised site and multi-site wide content display, public area Wi-Fi, and back office solutions.
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Smart building management

Bringing security, lighting, HVAC, access, fire and intruder alarm system control together gives you a single, central point for building automation that will keep your premises working effectively. But an intelligent energy management system takes things a stage further. Collecting, collating and reporting data on energy use across all of these areas enables you to identify where energy savings can be made across your entire estate. It turns a reactive building management system (BMS) into a vital management tool.

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