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It’s time to take a hands off approach to the home

When it comes to home automation the possibilities are virtually limitless. Understanding what you want your smart home to do is vital for ensuring you get the right home automation system for you. Whether it’s keeping your family safe, making your life easier or adding a little luxury into the mix; our home automation experts will work with you to design, install and support smart devices and home automation systems in your house, without leaving you feeling lost and confused. We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to, with an in-depth knowledge of the latest smart home devices and systems that can help you lead a more hands off lifestyle. Sound good?
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Making Norton View house come alive

For this prestigious home automation installation, we have worked alongside the homeowner crafting each service to ensure that they are in complete command of their home. Bringing together controls from individual electronic devices for audio, lighting, security and HVAC all in one place, an easy to use interface, linking technologies such as EnOcean ‘Energy Harvesting Wireless Technology’ and ZigBee for when hard wiring simply is not an option!

For this client specifically, it was all about running round the house ensuring everything is turned off before leaving for school on a morning. This was solved with a simple egress button on both the app and main house panels allowing from just one touch, all TV’s and lighting to be switched off, the house alarm to be set and security cameras activated.

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Norton View home
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Put your mind at rest

Smart cameras, lighting systems, alarms and doors can all be transformed by smart devices and home automation systems to give you a little extra peace of mind. Keep an eye on who’s knocking at the door whether you’re in or out, watch out for misbehaving pets, keep intruders at bay and even monitor carbon monoxide levels. Whatever you want to do, we can design fully automated whole house security systems or just something to give you peace of mind in certain circumstances.

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Keep household bills down

No-one wants to waste energy and leaving the lights on is one of the main culprits increasing electricity bills and wasting resources. With smart lighting, you can control your indoor and outdoor lighting effortlessly, either room by room or lightbulb by lightbulb! Upgrading to LED smart lights offer real environmental and financial benefits while other options can go beyond simply saving money and instead help you create immersive home entertainment experiences.

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Stay comfortable whatever the weather

Heating has long been operated using simple timers but with smart thermostats you can control your home heating and ventilation systems remotely, so you never come home to a cold house or wake up in a hot bedroom. Or, for a truly hands off approach to home climate control, we can install intelligent thermostats that actually learn your temperature preferences not just at certain times of days but also in different rooms, meaning your heating will always be just right wherever you are.

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Lose yourself in cutting edge home entertainment systems

From a dedicated home cinema to a more flexible home media room or custom built audio visual system, we can transform your home into an intelligent, atmospheric, home entertainment experience. Not only can this improve your quality of living and introduce some very modern luxury into your home, it can also increase the value of your property, making it a worthwhile investment not just for today, but tomorrow as well.

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Home Automation - Dynamic Networks Group

The three types of smart devices

In order to have a home automation system, you need a series of smart devices. These devices are the tools that carry out the things needed to automate your home, from smart lightbulbs to speakers, thermostats and all the rest. There’s a wealth of smart devices available but the important thing to note, is that they all fall into three basic types of device: sensors that detect things like movement, temperature, light and sound, processors that as the name suggests, process information and responders that act on user input, situation or command.
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Control and integration

The idea behind home automation is to make life easier and with centralised control and seamless integration between all of your smart devices. That’s where we come in. We can advise on the right smart hub for your home, whether that’s Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home, Apple’s HomeKit or another dedicated smart home hub, to give you the power to control your home anytime and anywhere.

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Smart home automation control and integration

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