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Complete home security 24/7

When it comes to home security, one of the biggest concerns most homeowners share is burglary. From opportunistic thieves looking for an easy win, to the organised criminals who scope out homes before breaking in, one thing’s for sure, suffering a burglary can be distressing and damaging in more ways than one. Home security systems are purpose built to ensure your home isn’t an easy target for any kind of burglar and with the right help from our experts, you can secure your home with much more than just a simple burglar alarm. Interested?
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Keep out unwanted and unidentified guests

From electric gates combined with ANPR cameras which can open automatically to admit your vehicles, to audio-visual intercom systems to quickly and accurately identify visitors, access control systems are ideal for keeping your home safe and secure. With the right software and infrastructure you can even keep an eye on who is trying to access your property when you’re out, for 24/7 access control.

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Keep an eye on your property, including those dark corners

CCTV works best when it’s combined with other security measures including access control and lighting systems. Our experts can help you decide on the best CCTV system for your home, from wireless CCTV cameras, to infrared night vision cameras and IP CCTV. From there, we can look after the entire installation so your cameras are connected to the right devices using the right cabling, giving you proper peace of mind.

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Put burglars in the spotlight

Outdoor lighting systems that feature motion detection are ideal for eliminating dark hiding places and deterring any unwanted visitors by putting them firmly in the spotlight. When it comes to indoor lighting, making use of automated lighting systems can give the illusion that someone’s home, even when you’re out of the country. Clever scheduling or remote controlled lighting using apps can automatically turn lamps and lights on and off at will, to prevent your house staying in perpetual darkness.

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Even more home security ideas

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Lighting Systems


Access Control

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Beat the burglars

Whether you’re looking for a complete home security system or a standalone CCTV or access control system, our experts can help. We will work with you to identify where your home needs security most, eliminating any weak spots that might tempt potential burglars. We’ll also ensure your system is easy to use, with centralised control through the device of your choice and our cabling and networks expertise will ensure it all runs smoothly. Start securing your home today.

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Beat the burglars with home security systems