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Total temperature control 

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and these systems can be found in just about every type of building across the UK. They’re used in apartment blocks, hotels, schools, universities, office blocks, warehouses, shopping centres…you name it, there’ll be at least some sort of HVAC system in place to regulate and control temperatures and air quality. Today though, the rise of smart homes and home automation systems mean you can have this advanced level of temperature control at home too. 
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The goldilocks effect

We’re all familiar with boilers and radiators as a method of central heating and this remains one of the most popular and effective systems for heating homes. However, with an intelligent HVAC system you can take this to the next level. Smart thermostats mean you can control and operate your heating system remotely and some of the best systems even learn your habits and preferences so you’re never too hot or too cold. Set different temperatures for different rooms and different times of day so your heating really is heating on demand.

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Keep cool even when it’s hot

Heating is one thing but cooling is another. Air conditioning systems are the perfect partner for smart heating systems. When heating and cooling systems work in combination you have total control over the temperature of your home no matter what the weather. Even in colder climates like the UK, an air conditioning system can help keep bedrooms cooler in the summer months for a more comfortable night sleep and avoid overheated conservatories and other rooms with lots of windows.

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Breathe a little easier

Did you know the average adult breathes approximately 10,000 litres of air every single day? With fresh air so vital to health and wellbeing it’s important to think about the ventilation and air quality in your home. Smart ventilation systems can monitor the air quality in your home and supply fresh air as needed to purify the air and create a healthier home for your family to enjoy.

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Enjoy a healthier home

Controlling the humidity in your home can help you save on heating costs and enjoy a more comfortable home environment. They can be installed as part of your wider HVAC system to complement your heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Indoor pools and large family bathrooms in particular can benefit from humidity control to prevent mould growth and mildew caused by excess moisture. Could your home benefit from humidity control?

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Get in the zone

Some of the most effective HVAC systems use zoning to control the temperature in individual rooms. This is ideal for keeping heating or cooling costs lower by avoiding running the system where it’s not needed and for tailoring temperatures to suit different spaces in your home no matter what the weather. Keep kitchens cool and bedrooms cosy, heat up bathrooms and cool down conservatories. It’s total temperature control, so you’re always ‘just right’ no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
Zoned HVAC System Control

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