We provide CCTV solutions that do much more

Go beyond using CCTV to simply protect your premises, property and staff. With today’s commercial CCTV systems you can benefit from support in areas you might never have even considered. With intelligent CCTV analytics, we can easily incorporate features such as footfall and heat mapping technology, allowing you to monitor and track visitor movement, improving customer service, marketing and security. Sound like your business could benefit from a more intelligent CCTV system? Talk to us.

Avoid tampering with wireless IP CCTV

Wireless or internet protocol (IP) CCTV systems minimise the risk of CCTV equipment tampering by taking wires out of the equation. They also enable wireless security cameras to be placed in hard to reach locations, and quickly repositioned to help keep expense to a minimum. You can remotely monitor and manage security across a range of devices, and cameras can be integrated with other products – such as door entry systems – to create sophisticated security solutions.

Improve clarity with HD CCTV

High definition CCTV can provide high resolution images that have better clarity and sharpness than traditional cameras. High definition is ideal for monitoring and surveillance, especially in busy commercial settings where CCTV footage contains crowded or complicated images that need to be easily distinguishable.

Record in darkness with infrared CCTV

Capture surveillance videos in low light using infrared CCTV. Night vision security cameras like this can capture clear video in areas prone to darkness such as storerooms and warehouses. They also have the added advantages of limiting light pollution and providing long distance illumination.

Monitor vehicles with ANPR CCTV

Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR CCTV is designed to capture images of moving vehicles while still allowing monitors to read registration plates. They are ideal for improving security and car park management or for use as part of vehicle gate and barrier access control systems, where individuals need to monitor vehicles entering and exiting premises.  

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Are you still using analogue CCTV?

Then it could be time to upgrade. We can help you successfully migrate your existing, analogue based CCTV system to a new, more intelligent CCTV solution designed to suit the security requirements of your business. Our experts will handle all the necessary cabling, storage and integrations you need and even ensure your new CCTV system is capable of growing with your business, giving you a more cost effective, long term security solution.

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Our expertise in security, access control, fire and intruder alarms means that our skilled consultants and engineers are as comfortable designing integrated systems as we are installing a stand-alone CCTV system. Our aim is to create systems that are tailored to you and give you total peace of mind. So why not talk to us and find out how we can help?

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"As businesses grow, their infrastructure needs to be able to expand accordingly. And while access control may not be the most pressing issue as a company is starting out, as it grows and finds more staff, and more and more clients and visitors begin to require access to its buildings and site, the benefits of effectively controlled access speak for themselves."