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Control, monitor and log vehicles entering your site 

Installing an ANPR CCTV system is a cost effective way to improve the security of your premises by controlling, monitoring and recording the registration number of all vehicles entering and exiting the site. It is a networked system that reliably reads the number plates on moving vehicles without losing focus. It functions in low light for 24/7 monitoring and handles the glare from vehicle headlights. If you need automatic number plate recognition to help keep your premises or construction site secure, talk to us today.
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Need to recognise faces not number plates?

Intelligent CCTV analytics transforms standard CCTV systems into intelligent, highly effective security systems. Facial and general recognition software systems are one of the latest developments in surveillance technology, giving companies the ability to quickly and accurately identify individual people and possessions. It’s about more than just security though, facial recognition software can also be used highlight VIPs allowing you to improve your customer service.

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