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Finish projects on time and on budget

We know that managing the many moving parts needed to successfully move a construction project along from start to finish is a challenge, and getting it right is often the difference between completing your project on time and on budget or running late and over-spending. Luckily this is where our drone camera services can help. Aerial photos, maps and 3D models have the power to transform your construction site workflow. 

Not only can drones save your team time and resources, but they can also give you a rich set of data to help you make better business decisions that can ultimately, help keep your construction project on time and under budget. Our drone services include: aerial surveying, 3D site and building mapping, aerial photography, hyper lapse imagery, 360 photography and time-lapse images. Interested?

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Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
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Track project progress with job site mapping

Getting a regular, overhead view of your construction site is ideal not only for tracking build progress but also inspecting safety issues and build standards. Drone maps can even use geo-tagging in order to take basic site measurements and estimate stockpile volumes to help inform key management decisions and improve project planning.

Easily report build progress to key stakeholders

Using drones to take aerial footage and site photographs combined with their simple communication and data sharing software makes it easier than ever to keep clients, contractors and other key stakeholders up to date with the build progress. It also allows the wider project team to stay up to date with the project remotely, using easily digestible, image led information that helps them make key decisions faster.

Look before you leap into site design changes

Drones do a great job of giving designers and architects an idea of what key site changes, such as putting up an adjacent structure, will look like before they’re built. This allows them to get a clear understanding of how the aesthetics of the project will change in relation to space both on the ground and in the air, before expensive building work begins. This ensures that when a project is committed to build, it’s right first time, saving both time and money.  
Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
Drone Filming - Dynamic Networks Group

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