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Improve more than just your security

CCTV systems when combined with smart analytics can analyse images and video footage to help your business improve safety, security, business intelligence and even marketing and customer services. There are a range of software integrations and analysis packages available and we can help you select the right combination of CCTV software and systems to help secure and improve your business. Discover some of the software analytics you could use today.
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Footfall analysis 

This type of analysis is ideal for retail businesses, stations, airports and other areas that see high volumes of people entering and exiting the premises on a daily basis. By counting customers or visitors you can identify your busiest periods and your quietest periods so you can staff your business accordingly and meet demands.

Heat mapping analysis

With heat mapping analysis you can understand where most of your footfall is going. This identifies high traffic areas and low traffic areas which is invaluable for making operational efficiency decisions and improvements. It also tells you where you need the most security.

Cross line & motion detection analysis

Cross line detection can trigger alerts when moving objects cross virtual security lines. With this technology you can automatically signal incidents than need further analysis or investigation from your security team and make timely decisions and responses.

Real time analysis

With this system you can input a number of key events related to people, vehicles or other objects captured on your CCTV so that alerts can then be triggered in real time when any of those events occur. Paired with facial recognition software or automatic number plate recognition, this can create a really effective security system.
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Intelligent CCTV Analytics - Dynamic Networks Group

Take your CCTV to the next level with facial recognition 

Facial recognition software can help make your CCTV even more intelligent. Easily identify people of interest and VIPs using facial recognition software and make informed business decisions about your customer service and of course, your security. This software can recognise, analyse and track people effectively by detecting faces, recording them and matching those faces to stored databases.

If you’re a big business with lots of important clients and VIP visitors you can use facial recognition software to alert staff when a VIP arrives on site so they can behave appropriately and of course, give the required welcome.

For retail business with valuable stock to protect facial recognition can be use to alert staff to blacklisted shoppers and known security threats before an incident occurs. If security is your main concern, then using facial recognition and CCTV as part of a larger access control system you can accurately confirm the identity of staff and contractors as well as keeping a tally of who is on site and when. 
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Live CCTV footage anytime

We can route all of your live CCTV footage from cameras across single or multiple sites to an external, remote monitoring station. This means you can keep a close eye on all of your CCTV footage 24/7, giving you constant visibility of the security of your premises. Pair this with the data, alerts and information from your CCTV analytics too and you can response to important activities or urgent security concerns in real time, keeping your business secure and things running smoothly.
Live CCTV footage