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We give you the wow factor

In a business or office environment, AV technology can help you bring presentations to life with the latest interactive screens and boards, or support access control and management with touch screen entry or registration. It also enables you to set residential schemes apart from the crowd by building in state of the art audio and cinema technology to meet residents’ escalating expectations.

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Innovation across the board

Our commercial AV systems introduce innovation to boardrooms and access control systems alike, with cable-free presentation and video conferencing technology. as well as touch-screen sign in systems, interactive countertop displays and noticeboards. The team is also skilled at designing sophisticated home AV systems incorporating intelligent multi-room music solutions and home cinema experiences, complete with lighting, seating, wireless speakers, immersive surround sound and 3D/HD digital projection. We’ll help you balance price and performance to deliver the right solution for your business, home or as part of a large scale residential new build or refurb project.

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Amazon's Alexa 

Amazon’s Alexa range includes a number of devices that can easily be used to control your smart home. The Echo Plus with its built in smart home hub makes connecting your smart devices easier than ever too. Just ask “Alexa, discover my devices” and you’re on your way to total smart home control. 

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Sonos Speaker System

Play Spotify in the kitchen, a podcast in the bedroom or the same thing everywhere. The Sonos Home Sound System fills as many rooms as you want with sound. And every Sonos speaker is built to deliver crystal clear sound with no distortion, at any volume.We are Sonos experts, helping to install WiFi extensions and solve WiFi problems in order to make your Sonos system work brilliantly. 

Sky Q and Multiroom 

Sky multiroom installation can be completed with both Sky+HD and SkyQ systems so you can keep watching your favourite programmes, films and music across multiple devices in any room in your home or office!

SKY TV offers a wide choice of different channels with over 500 to choose from and the ability to pause, rewind and record live television so you will never miss a thing.

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Outdoor Sound Systems 

Whether you require high performance weatherproof outdoor speakers wifi or Bluetooth speakers, our experts can assess and recommend the best outdoor sound systems for your home that will deliver perfectly even volume coverage and and sound quality throughout.

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