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Transform your big-screen experience

Bring immersive, high resolution audio and high definition video to your home with a fully bespoke cinema room. Cinema rooms and media rooms are the next wave of cutting edge technology in linking home automation systems and are raising the standards of modern living. They can improve your quality of living, add a touch of luxury to your home and of course, add value to your property. If you’re thinking of investing in a dedicated home cinema room or upgrading your family space into a fully equipped media room, then our experts can help. Let’s talk.
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Are you sitting comfortably?

All the audio-visual technology, cabling and easy to use software is wasted if you can’t sit down comfortably and enjoy it all. That’s why our experts apply the same level of care and attention to detail when we’re designing your cinema room seating and media room sofas and chairs, as we do when we’re installing your big screen and speakers.

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Cinema Room Seating
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Engineered for performance and designed for emotion

Often overlooked, acoustic treatments are just as important as the audio-visual technology for creating a successful cinema room. That’s why our experts consider the acoustics from the very start of the design process, introducing surfaces and materials that can absorb and diffuse sound as needed to reduce echo and improve sound quality.

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Immersive 3D audio

Simple surround sound is a thing of the past. With immersive 3D audio, sound becomes three dimensional, mirroring the action unfolding on screen. Whereas before, audio was confined to a single plain, resulting in ‘surround sound’, soundtracks are now created so that objects can be precisely positioned and reproduced in 3D space. The result?  That object flying from the screen, and transitioning over the top of you actually sounds like it’s flying out of the screen and moving over you.

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Screens, projection and lighting

It takes more than just a big screen to make a cinema room and that’s where our expertise comes into play. With the right technology, screens and projectors we will ensure your cinema room maximises viewing angles and image sizes as well as automatically matching the screen shape to the shape of the video content. With 4K UHD and HDR, we’ll also ensure your new cinema system is capable of supporting the necessary bandwidth requirements of the latest video formats, with the right cabling and network infrastructure.  

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Intelligent AV Systems

We’re skilled at designing sophisticated audio visual systems ideal for introducing multi-room music solutions and home cinema experiences into your space. These systems connect the dots between your mood lighting, seating, immersive surround sound and 3D/HD screens and projectors, making it simple to control and easy to use.

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