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Power up your business

Digital signage and TV displays are ideal for powering up your business. From creating awareness of your products and services to wayfinding, communicating key messages and helping your business really make a visual impact, commercial TV systems are a must for forward thinking, modern businesses.

From a single screen installation to a more complex system of screens throughout your offices, shops, meeting rooms, breakout areas and foyers, we can design and install the right solution for your commercial environment.
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TVs that pack a punch

Commercial TVs are professional grade screens specifically tailored to suit the demands of commercial environments. Think of it like your home TV on steroids. They’re purpose built for long periods of continuous operation including 24/7 use. On/off scheduling functionality and the option to disable sleep mode is built in for effective, automated control over displays.

Specific brightness ratings up to 3000 nits (that’s 2750 more than your TV screen at home) ensure your display is still visible in high-bright conditions, outdoor settings and even in windows. And last but not least, they can be used in any orientation, landscape or portrait, to suit the content you want to display. Can your business afford to miss out on the benefits of commercial grade TV screens?

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Commercial TVs that pack a punch
Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
Commercial TV Systems - Dynamic Networks Group

Take it to the next level

As well as installing standalone TV displays and digital signage, we can also introduce our cabling, audio visual and lighting expertise to really take your solution to the next level. Imagine lights automatically dimming as your visual display sequence starts, with high resolution speakers projecting quality audio at dynamic volume levels tailored to suit the viewing environment. Create more than just awareness, create an atmosphere.

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