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A better customer experience

When it comes to hospitality, all four corners of the industry: food and beverages, accommodation, recreation and travel can take advantage of TV systems and digital displays to enhance the customer experience. Modern expectations of entertainment and technology are getting higher all the time and the hospitality industry needs to match them. Smart and engaging digital displays and TV systems are the answer.
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Hotel? Boost in-room entertainment

Guestroom television is no longer enough to keep modern hotel guests happy. We can design and install a TV system throughout your suite of rooms capable of providing on-demand services and content mirroring from your guests own mobile devices. Better still, our experienced team can handle the entire installation quickly, efficiently and discreetly, minimising disruption to your business.

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Airport or station? Keep travellers informed 

We’re used to seeing arrival and departure boards in busy travel centres and now commuters and passengers expect this type of real time information as standard. With people reliant on this data for making transport connections and check in times, you need a TV system that is robust, reliable and capable of 24/7 performance.

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Restaurant? Make mouths water

Upgrade the ‘paper menu in the window’ to a stunning digital display featuring clear imagery and crisp video. Showcase your brand, dining space and your food with high definition images and video with a digital display that is expertly configured to still stand out in the bright lights of your window.

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Visitor attraction?  Get interactive with your displays

The latest technology means digital displays can now benefit from touchscreen overlays to turn passive viewing in to active participation. Delight your visitors with a digital TV display that truly engages visitors of all ages, with highly customisable software that’s easy to use.

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Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
Hospitality TV Systems - Dynamic Networks Group

More than just a platform for information

TV information systems are perfect for hospitality businesses that are looking to make a good first impression while easily communicating key information in a cost effective and efficient way. They’re great for displaying welcome information, venue maps, lists of facilities and even health and safety instructions.

But, to take things a step further, a semi-interactive TV system offers more advanced features and functionality such as custom channel groupings and even TV purchasing which transforms this platform into a valuable sales and marketing tool.

But for even more bells and whistles, a fully interactive TV system offers a comprehensive business solution capable of streamlining your key operations and of course, promoting your business and impressing your visitors. Not sure which option is best for your business?

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We’re here to look after you and your TV system

We know that installing new systems and technology for businesses in the hospitality sector often means working on site around your guests, so we know how important it is to minimise disruption and remain professional at all times. We work quickly and quietly to ensure your new system is installed efficiently and once the installation is complete, we’ll give you a full handover so your team knows exactly how everything works. For any questions or queries that do arise, then our flexible support packages and helpdesk ensure we are always available to lend you a helping hand.

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We’re here to look after your TV system