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Internet access for everyone

As reliance on the internet and connectivity continues to grow, the expectation is that there should be Wi-Fi access anytime, anywhere and not only that, it should be fast, reliable Wi-Fi access. The problem? If you’re a business, then it’s important to keep your wireless network secure, so throwing access open to anyone and everyone can be a risky strategy. The solution? A dedicated guest Wi-Fi network.

A wireless guest network simply uses a different SSID (which is basically a different name) to the wireless network you and your employees are using. Its purpose is to provide visitors with the connectivity they expect while keeping your own Wi-Fi network separate and secure.

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Do more than just please your guests

A guest network does a lot more that simply keep your guests happy and meet their connectivity expectations. It can also provide your business with a brand new marketing platform and valuable customer insights that you can use to make intelligent business decisions. Our experts can help you install a wireless guest network that works for you and your guests.

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Capture valuable marketing data

In depth analytics captured through your guest Wi-fi network can tell you vital information about who is visiting your business, allowing you to create detailed customer profiles that can be used to create highly personalized marketing campaigns. 

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Share useful offers and information

From splash pages to targeted advertising, your guest Wi-Fi network can offer you the chance to unleash new revenue streams for your business and promote new offers, products and services to people logging on. That means it’s a great return on your investment. You can even choose to monetize your guest Wi-Fi network directly whether that’s by charging a fee to connect or by collecting contact details in exchange for access. You can even encourage customer loyalty with an incentive scheme for repeat use.

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Wireless Guest Networks - Dynamic Networks Group

Wi-Fi for the hospitality sector

With more hotel guests interested in Wi-Fi connectivity than breakfast, it’s important to get your wireless network set up properly! With a guest Wi-Fi network, you can easily offer the connectivity guests expect plus one or two other luxuries as well. Combining wireless connectivity with your TV system and entertainment packages means visitors can stream content from their own mobile devices straight onto the big screen, as well as accessing the internet no matter where they are on your premises. Don’t just meet guests’ expectations, exceed them. Talk to us about Wi-Fi and hospitality TV systems.

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Effortlessly manage your wireless networks in the cloud

Keep your wireless operating costs low and management simple with cloud based Wi-Fi. Supported by flexible and adaptable infrastructure it can also be fully tailored to meet your wireless network needs not only today, but tomorrow as well. Cloud managed Wi-Fi can help bring large scale, enterprise level wireless to a diverse array of locations traditional solutions just can’t cover, while freeing up some valuable space in your data centre. Sound good? 

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Manage your wireless networks in the cloud

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