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Feeling the heat

Gareth Leece
By Gareth Leece
It seems difficult to believe now, but there was a time, a mere 17 years ago, when the term ‘Wi-Fi’ had never been uttered. And even after the technology was introduced, it may have been years before your workplace became entirely wireless (in fact many still aren’t).
Feeling the heat

We seem to have reached a time when we are never more than a few minutes away from a Wi-Fi connection – particularly in town and city centres. But with this convenience comes challenges. Many of us have come to expect Wi-Fi connectivity wherever we are. And if, like most businesses, you rely on Wi-Fi access to operate effectively, you’ll no doubt want to make sure it is working as efficiently as possible. Perhaps your business has grown, and you’ve been adding extra wireless access points to provide sufficient coverage for every member of staff.

Could you be saving money on your Wi-Fi?

To achieve the best possible Wi-Fi coverage, it can be tempting to install as many access points as possible throughout your site. But did you know you could be wasting valuable time and money in the process? Luckily for you, help is at hand. Thanks to state of the art heat mapping technology, it’s possible to create a virtual map of your site and simulate the impact of different Wi-Fi access point location. This means you can get your Wi-Fi access point and antenna locations and configuration spot on to achieve maximum coverage with minimal access points across your building or site.

We’ve seen organisations reduce the number of access points by 25% following a Wireless Heatmapper Survey, which – depending on the size of your business – can soon add up to considerable cost savings. 

Eliminating Wi-Fi signal degradation

Your business Wi-Fi could also be hit with interference from nearby networks. This is one of the main contributors to degraded Wi-Fi performance and reliability. A Wireless Heatmapping Survey will detect and locate any open and unsecured networks in your area that may be interfering with your signal, and advise the best course of action to eliminate problems in the future.

Finding the root causes of Wi-Fi problems has never been easier – or faster.

Heatmapping Surveys not only effectively map the Wi-Fi signal coverage within your building or site, they also check that the security, channel and SSIS settings of your access points are correct, which reduces the risk of cyber attack.

To find out more about what a Wireless Heatmapper Survey could mean for your business, get in touch today. 

Dynamic insights & advice

Dynamic Networks completes a Management Buyout and commences its acquisition strategy.

"David Smith (CEO) and Gareth Leece (COO) have successfully completed an MBO of Dynamic Networks, working with Paul Landsman of Kingland Capital. The MBO provides for a simplification of the Board structure to allow for its continued accelerated growth strategy. The additional investment secured through Kingland Capital provides a significant fund for the Management Team to hire likeminded industry professionals in-line with its hiring plan and also acquire complimentary Cloud Managed Service Providers as they continue their objective to be one of the fastest growing MSP’s in the UK with a strong reputation for quality service. Further announcements to follow."