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Student accommodation specialists

It seems that working on student accommodation projects is becoming something of a trend for the team here at Dynamic Networks, as is partnering up with Vallectric on Watkin Jones projects.

We have previously worked together on projects including Dobbie's Point in Glasgow, Briggs House in Leeds, Sharman Court in Sheffield and The Depot in Bath, so when we were given the chance to work with Vallectric on St Mungo’s in Glasgow, we jumped at the chance. 

The wider St Mungo’s project involved the construction of student accommodation featuring 349 bedrooms, including a mixture of clusters and studios, complete with a spacious gym, fully equipped kitchens and a cinema on site too. On top of that, the building is in the heart of Glasgow surrounded by the hustle and bustle of this popular Scottish University City.

We were delighted to be working on St Mungo’s; the range of services we offer meant we could handle everything from installing the structured cabling, to getting the TVs installed and configured, as well as much more in between. That saves having too many different contractors on site at any one time and helps keep things running smoothly, avoiding ‘too many cooks’…

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The Dynamic Solution

So what did we actually do to help the client prepare St Mungo’s ready for the students to call home?  First we installed structured CAT6 cabling as well as fibre optic backbone cabling and of course, for today’s modern students, a fast, reliable Wi-Fi system covering the whole site.
While reliable internet connectivity might be important for students to do their studying, we also turned our attention to installing a robust TV infrastructure to help them stay entertained.
Another key aspect of this project was ensuring the site would be safe and secure for the students once they’d moved in. We approached this in two ways. First we installed an IP CCTV system throughout the entire site and then we supplied an audio intercom system and alarm. The intercom system would be integral for the day to day access control for the building so it needed to be robust and reliable. We used Comelit panels across the building’s communal areas so callers could be safely identified before being permitted entry to the building and Comelit Audio handsets were installed in each separate apartment as well, for an added layer of security.
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Services provided to St Mungo's

Wireless Networks

Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
St Mungo's Glasgow - Dynamic Networks Group

The Timescales

With our previous experience working with the client, we were already familiar with the way they like to work and as a result, the project was completed in a minimal timeframe, starting in September 2017 and completing in July 2018. After many months of hard work, St Mungo's is destined to be one of Glasgow's most popular student accommodation buildings.

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