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Three award nominations prove we’ve got style & substance

James Baird
By James Baird
They say bad luck always comes in threes but here at Dynamic Networks it’s the good luck that’s flooding in of late as we are nominated for not one, not two, but three new awards!
Three award nominations prove we’ve got style & substance
We are in the running for:
  • Best IT and Digital Experience website in Kentico Site of the Year 2018
  • Best Newcomer in the 2018 Yorkshire Business Masters Awards
  • Best Small Business in the 2018 Yorkshire Business Masters Awards
With three opportunities to win an award on the table, we are crossing more than just our fingers and toes in the hopes that we are successful in any of our three categories.

These nominations come at the start of a very exciting new year for Dynamic Networks Group and at the end of a very busy year in 2017.  Less than 12 months, back in August of 2017, we opened our new London office and with the help of our digital agency partners Pixelbuilders we also launched our brand new website.

This elevated our online brand from a dated and stereotypical IT Company, using the uniform greys and blues of the industry, into a vibrant, innovative and dynamic brand that better reflects who we are and what we do.

We love our new website and all the hard work researching how our customers use it and what they want from it, has most certainly paid off and now the nomination in Kentico Site of the Year is just the icing on the cake after all that hard work.

Proving there’s more to Dynamic than just good looks though, is our remaining two nominations in the 2018 Yorkshire Business Masters Awards. These prestigious awards celebrate and recognise the best achievements and successes of businesses in the Yorkshire region and it attracts some heavy hitting businesses and sponsors every year.

Just to make it into the shortlist is an impressive achievement and we are very proud as over 200 entries have already been whittled down to form the final short list of just 45 different businesses. On top of that, we are privileged enough to be one of just 8 companies lucky enough to have been shortlisted more than once!

We’ll find out our fate in the Kentico Site of the Year Awards on Tuesday March 20th and Thursday 26th April will reveal our results in the Yorkshire 2018 Business Masters Awards. Please wish us luck and watch this space for news of the results!

Fingers crossed.

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