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Data Network Cabling

Cost effective structured cabling installations

The smooth running of your business depends on the ability of your network to cope with the data demands placed on it. Slow connections frustrate your team and slow down productivity, and data cabling is usually the last place businesses look to identify the cause of the problem.

Advice and support from one of the UK's top data cabling companies

Our data cabling services enable you to review your existing installation by testing system performance to make sure everything is running as it should, identifying weak spots that may be slowing down business performance and advising you on cost effective solutions.

The Dynamic Networks network cabling installation team is on hand to help design, redesign, integrate or upgrade existing systems to make sure your data infrastructure is working at optimum productivity.

Ethernet cabling

The high speed network cabling services we offer are tailored to your business needs and designed to improve data transfer rates. From improving the speed and integrity of backups to enhancing the operating performance of Customer Relationship Management systems, the right infrastructure can have a measurable impact on business performance, saving you both time and money.

Fibre optic cabling

Fibre optic cabling allows data to travel over longer distances, and is ideal for sites where data has to travel more than 90 metres. Whether you are connecting multiple buildings or need a high capacity network that spans warehouses or data centres, fibre optic cabling can provide the ‘backbone’ to your digital infrastructure and deliver a flexible, high bandwidth solution for your business.

Data cabling health check

We are one of the north's most experienced structured cabling companies, and our team draws on that experience to select the network cabling solution that will best meet your business needs.

You may be moving to a new site; operating in a small office environment where the most common data cabling (Cat 5 cabling or Cat 6 cabling) delivers the performance you need; in a factory or industrial environment that requires cabling to be shielded from electrical interference; working across numerous sites where significant amounts of data have to travel longer distances; or growing at a rate that simply means existing cabling can’t keep up with the data transfer demands being placed on it.

Whatever your circumstances, our team will start by testing your network performance to establish whether everything is running at optimum levels and provide you with a detailed report that reviews data performance and network speed against the size of your site, number of users and usage levels. They will then advise you on any upgrades or redesign work needed to get your network performing as it should. All of our products meet the required structured cabling standards.

Contact us for more information about our network cabling services, to talk through your requirements or arrange a data cabling health check.

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