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Keep your mission critical IT equipment safe

When it comes to choosing the right network enclosure for your IT equipment and cabling, it requires some careful consideration. Our experts can advise you not only on the physical configuration of your enclosure but also on other key features such as security, compatibility and accessibility, so that your cabling and infrastructure is looked after properly.
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Complete cabinet refresh 

Following one of our clients suffering a switch failure, our cabling experts advised them to replace the faulty switch with a high end 10GB capable Unifi Kit. During the outage, the decision was taken to also completely refresh their cabling cabinet.

From improving the speed and integrity of backups to enhancing the operating performance of CRM systems, the right infrastructure can have a measurable impact on business performance. It can also save you time and money!


Mains electrical, lighting and power
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Cabling containment

Choosing the right network enclosure is just one part of successfully installing a network’s infrastructure. Cable containment is also key. Containment effectively supports cabling on route using things such as cable trays, ladders and baskets to ensure your cables are neat, organised and easy to manage. Our cabling technicians always use cable containment to effectively manage cable installations and ensure your network infrastructure is organised and easily navigated. If you think your network infrastructure could benefit from a little bit (or a lot) of organisation, get in touch.
Cabling Containment
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Size matters

Height, width, depth and weight all factor when it comes to choosing the right network enclosure. Our experts will ensure that your enclosure can not only house all of your current cabling and network equipment but also future equipment so it can grow with your business. If space is tight, we can devise network and cabling enclosures that have a smaller footprint, saving valuable floor space and if equipment accessibility is vital then we can use back to back mounting to keep everything within easy reach.

Protect your power supply

When it comes to your enclosure, one of the most important accessories is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. Our experts will advise on the best UPS system to protect your equipment, whether that means protecting the entire enclosure of equipment or just key parts. With the right installation, this will ensure your network enclosure is protected from power loss and capable of maintaining constant uptime for your business critical tech.

Keep it cool

Servers and IT equipment generate heat, so keeping your enclosure cool is vital to protect your equipment. We’ll measure the heat your equipment generates and ensure that your enclosure is the right rating and well ventilated. For extra protection, we can install roof mounted or panel mounted fans to generate even more cooling power. 

Expert installation

It’s one thing to consider the size and features of the enclosure itself, but when it comes to installation, there are even more things to consider and we’ve got it covered. From ensuring your enclosure will fit on site to thinking about the swing radius of doors and the location of power and telecom points, we’ll ensure your enclosure is easy to access, move and maintain.

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Network Cabinets/Enclosures - Dynamic Networks Group

Are you looking for a cabinet refresh or a full overhaul? We can help!

Networking equipment is designed for longevity but with constant re-patching by different technicians and the addition of new equipment over time they can soon get disorganised and difficult to work with. Our experts can refresh your cabling and network enclosures to ensure it is organised, tidy and more streamlined. If a refresh just won’t cut it, then talk to us about a full cabling and network overhaul.

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