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Gareth Leece

Gareth Leece

Group COO
Group COO, Gareth, is responsible for customer installations, from design to delivery. Working across all networks, electrical, systems, security and automation (NESSA) projects, he ensures that project teams are working smarter at every stage of the project to deliver high performance installations that surpass clients’ expectations.

Gareth oversees our experienced teams of installers and engineers, making sure installation programmes run smoothly and safely on site and are completed on time and on budget to deliver best value for each and every customer.

Gareth also has business responsibility for site health and safety and training across the group. His extensive background in the design, specification and installation of structured cabling systems and wireless networks; security and access control systems; electrical networks; alarm and home automation systems means he is well placed to deliver against these responsibilities.

Gareth's insights and advice

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"5G is finally here in the UK and its arrival comes after months, if not years of both hype and confusion as the BBC so rightly put it."

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