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Why is IT support so important for SMEs? 

If you run an SME, then you already know just how fast the business world can move. For many small and medium sized businesses, the day to day is a constant battle for efficiency and speed, getting the most of your talent, time and resources for your budget. Growing a business amongst competition is difficult and sometimes the thought of setting aside budget for an IT support service might seem like an investment you can't afford to make. But the truth is that, in order to guarantee your business's productivity and to protect your important and sensitive data, IT support delivered by expert professionals is an absolute necessity for SMEs. 


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Your business relies on technology

In today's business world, everyone relies on technology for their day to day. Even SMEs that are not very focused on IT need to manage their systems in a way that protects them while remaining affordable and accessible. For any SME, the results of a cyber attack or system failure can be absolutely devastating. 

This is where Dynamic Networks Group comes in. By providing access to our 24/7 IT support line, we remove the need for you to hire an in-house IT team you can't afford by providing flexible IT support to match your business needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


We become an extension of your business

In fact, we always take things one step further. As a provider of SME IT support in Leeds and other cities, we aim to work closely alongside your team and your business so that we thoroughly understand your unique business needs and requirements. Our team of experts are committed to building the strong and long lasting relationships that will keep your business protected in the long term. 

Ensuring that you feel secure and protected

Every SME that chooses Dynamic Networks Group for their IT support will benefit from our standard IT support package. This package opens up a range of support options to your business, allowing you to feel secure and protected. But while this is our standard package, it is a comprehensive support package that ensures your business has access to exactly the right expertise for any issue that may crop up. Our desk of support professionals are on hand all hours of the day to provide guaranteed response times and remote IT support whenever you need it.

Flexible packages to suit your business

For those SMEs hoping to extend their IT support beyond this package, we offer a full IT support service that allows you to pick and choose the exact services that your business requires. As a small and medium sixed business, your IT support will depend on a wide range of different factors, and some serviced will suit your needs better than others. That's why our flexible IT support services have been designed so that you can choose a tailored and efficient package that works for you. 

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We build relationships with your team

One thing that we hold as the highest priority when working with clients is that we get to know your business and build strong relationships with your team. We are absolutely committed to becoming what feels like an extension of your business, delivering a trustworthy and committed IT support service that you can rely on.


1st, 2nd & 3rd Line Support

This is why even our standard IT support service delivers a broad range of IT expertise that can be made available to you whenever you need it. Not all IT problems are the same, which is why we offer an IT support services in Leeds and other cities that includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support. We are here to deliver the professional insight that you need, whenever you need it. We are transparent and communicative - if you have had problems with this with previous IT support companies, then rest assured that we go above and beyond. 

Round the clock access

By delivering 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, we can make sure that any potential IT issues or problems can be assisted by an IT professional with the right level of expertise when you need it. Our service desk is here to give you round the clock access to an experienced and professionally trained team of expert IT support specialists whenever an issue arrives. Our team is here to support, guide and assist your team. Each SME has unique IT needs, which is why we are committed to understanding these and providing IT assistance that matches your own requirements.
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What do we include in our standard IT support package? 

For SME's, having access to remote IT support is vital. As such, even our standard support package provides everything you need and more to feel secure and protected, with the help you need available whenever you need it. Included in our standard IT support is: 

  • Unlimited remote support, Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm

  • Guaranteed response times of four hours for on site hardware cover

  • Unlimited server support, Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm

  • Disaster recovery for servers

  • Access to our in house 24/7 support line

  • Access to our secure portal

Access to our 24/7 support line can be secured either Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm. With this, you also have access to our support line 24 hour chargeable - unless you choose our 24/7, 365 days a year package.

Why not add on some extras? 

Our standard package is designed to give most businesses everything they need for constant support, protection and security. But it's a fact that some businesses simply need more. As such, we also offer a range of extras and upgrades that can give you the peace of mind you need. This allows you to pick and choose a bespoke and tailored support service that matches your needs. Some of our most popular extras include: 

  • Business hours support, either six or seven days a week

  • Guaranteed response times of one hour for on site hardware cover

  • Emergency IT support on site

  • IT support cover for holidays

  • Break fix on parts and labour for hardware

  • Support for employees' mobile devices 

  • Device endpoint encryption

  • Annual or ad hoc IT security health checks

  • Offsite backups to our own data centre

  • Support for your printers and other devices

Or go for the full works?

Sometimes, a bespoke and flexible deal isn't what you need. Even small or medium sized companies and businesses sometimes need to go the whole hog. As such, we have a range of full support service packages that give you everything you could possibly need, including: 

  • Unlimited 24/7 support, 365 days a year

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Annual network penetration tests

  • Proactive site visits

  • A full time dedicated IT engineer on site

  • Support for your remote workers

  • Bespoke policies created as and when needed

  • Access to expert IT consultants

Get in touch with us today!

If you run an SME and are looking for IT support you can rely on, you have come to the right place. If you would like to find out more about how our flexible and wide range of IT support services can help protect you, our team of expert professionals are a friendly bunch and can't wait to hear from you! 

How shall we get in touch?

What other SMEs say about us...

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Group IT Manager
“The migration of our 70-user IT system to a new office went without a hitch, thanks to the Dynamic Networks team.”
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Project Communicator
“All cabling and testing was completed well before the move in day which just left us to plug in phones and computers and away we went.”
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Managing Director
“I was very impressed by the rapid, proactive and enthusiastic response from the Dynamic team. They are a highly knowledgeable team of professionals offering a quality service at a competitive price.”
Bibis Italianissimo
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Project Support Manager
“Dynamic provide excellent service with extremely knowledgeable and very friendly staff.”
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Head of Infrastructure
“Dynamic bring a personal touch to their work and give clients the attention they deserve. They're professional at all times and everything they deliver is absolutely spot on.”
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Managing Director
“You've delivered exactly what was promised to a very high standard and your customer service is excellent, as are your response times.”
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“The guys who did the installations have all contacted me a few days after the install to ensure everything is still running smoothly.”
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Project Management Assistant
“We at Ardent would definitely recommend Dynamic Networks to anybody.”
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IT Manager
“Dynamic are pro-active leaders in technology and their vision and experience is paramount to our success.”
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Development Manager
“Dynamic Networks made the move to our new Warrington office seamless.”
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Business Development Manager
“I am very pleased with the work that Dynamic has done for us and would strongly recommend them to any other schools.Dynamic gives everyone peace of mind that our IT is being dealt professionally. ”
Batley Grammar School