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Finding the right security solution for you. 

Knowing what route to go down when it comes to your cyber security can be tough. There are so many options out there how do you know what security solution is the right one for you and your business? From penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to encryption, our team of experts can help advise on the best approach for you and guide you through the process of securing your grip on your cyber security.
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Set off on the right foot with a cyber security audit 

A cyber security audit makes sure that all of your IT defences are working properly, in order to effectively respond to to any threats posed by hackers, who aim to manipulate your IT systems. Just one single vulnerability in your defences can lead to your details being stolen, and as a consequence your business could be at stake. Our IT security audits will discover the strengths and weaknesses in your organisation's existing IT infrastructure along with key actions and recommendations to build on those strengths and address those weakness. Sound good?
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Penetration Tests

Penetration tests. or pen testing as it’s otherwise known, is the method of putting your IT systems under intense testing, with the aim of simulating an attack from a hacker. Our team of experts will put your network to the test to help you identify any weak spots which can then be addressed.

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Data Encryption

With GDPR the hot topic for most businesses, encrypting data is becoming a vital part of each business’ policies and procedures. Encrypting data doesn’t have to be complicated, our data encryption services mean we can help keep you right to ensure your business is fully compliant with current legislation.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Equally as important as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning is an automated process which scans your systems to detect any vulnerabilities that could potentially catch you out. Our team of experts work with you to understand the vulnerabilities that are present and give you the tools in which you need to prepare yourself.

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