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Cabling for the future

Fibre optic cabling allows data to be communicated over longer distances and at higher bandwidths than electrical cables, ideal for installing IT systems, networks and infrastructure across large sites and multiple buildings. Our experts can advise you on the right kind of fibre optic cabling for your network as well as fully installing, testing and supporting your network and infrastructure both now and in the future.
Branded Three Diagonal Stripes Graphic - Dynamic Networks Group
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Greater bandwidth

Fibre optic cables can provide more bandwidth, essentially allowing them to carry more data than traditional copper cables of the same diameter making them faster and more efficient. Depending on your network demands, our cabling experts can install single mode fibre optic cabling or multimode fibre optic cabling, to ensure your network performance is always up to speed.

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Better reliability

Fibre is not affected by the elements which means it has better, more reliable connectivity than some copper wires, as things like severe weather and electromagnetic interference don’t cause any disruption. On top of that, it doesn’t present the same safety concerns as old fashioned, worn out cabling, meaning you can rest assured your business is safe from disruption in more ways than one.

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Thinner and stronger

Compared to copper cabling, fiber optic cables are thinner in diameter and lighter in weight, yet they can withstand more pull pressure and are therefore less prone to damage and breakage. It also makes installation easier and cabling containment and enclosures can house more fibre optic cabling in a small space, making them space efficient too.

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Greater flexibility

You don’t have to go for full fibre cabling. Thanks to media converters and modular patch panel solutions, fibre optic cables can be incorporated into existing networks to increase speeds and meet both current and future network demands. If you need a faster, stronger, more reliable network, talk to us.

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