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As well as boosting connectivity and productivity, the right wireless network solutions can significantly reduce your hardware costs and IT support requirements. They can take building control and automation to the next level, too, creating intelligent, energy saving workplaces and homes. So, whether you simply need a Wi-Fi router or separate guest Wi-Fi access in an office environment; a Wi-Fi hotspot; partial coverage to give high bandwidth access for mobile devices; total wireless coverage across one or many sites; or an enterprise Wi-Fi solution, we can help.

Meeting great expectations

Most people now enjoy Wi-Fi at home and have come to expect the same experience when they work or travel. We’ll help you filter through the vast number of wireless IT solutions currently available to help you create and maintain the connectivity you need in your organisation. That might involve creating a wireless bridge to access networks in other buildings; a wireless mesh to provide coverage over longer distances; or a signal booster or range extender to enhance performance. Whatever your needs, our team of Wi-Fi specialists has it covered.

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Getting to the point

Using point to point (P2P) and point to multi-point (P2MP) wireless network architecture we can successfully connect two or more locations or devices using a wireless link. For most businesses point to multi-point Wi-Fi is ideal as it can connect numerous devices to the network while still delivering reliable connectivity. Sound good?

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Boosting network capacity

A wireless backhaul solution can help increase data network capacity and reliability, as well as enabling wireless network connectivity in remote or poorly connected locations. It’s easily scalable so it can grow as you need it to and it can reduce business overheads as there’s no need for fibre and leased lines.

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Creating interconnections

Unlike point to point wireless architecture, a wireless mesh network creates many interconnections between difference nodes. This creates a rich wireless network where only a single node or device needs to be physically wired into a network connection. This one wired in device can then share its wireless connection with other nearby devices. A wireless mesh infrastructure works a little like ripples in a pond. The benefits of wireless mesh? It provides better wireless network coverage as you’re no longer relying on a single broadcasting signal. It also avoids a single point of failure and creates a modular system that can stretch and grow as you need it to.

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We’ll find the right wireless solution for you

When it comes to installing an effective Wi-Fi solution it’s important to invest time in planning it properly. That’s why we always start any wireless design and installation project with an Ekahau survey. This provides a ground level view of any Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) coverage and importantly it also details current wireless performance during peak and off peak periods. Using this information we can design a wireless network that’s tailored to suit your specific wireless needs, boosting connectivity and performance where it’s needed most and ensuring it has the capacity to still perform at optimum levels during your busiest times.

And we’ll take the stress out of going wireless too

We know network connectivity is vital for businesses to be able to operate successfully. That means installing and migrating to a wireless network needs to work seamlessly; no disruptions, no down time. At Dynamic Networks, that’s exactly what we do.  The results from our Ekahau surveys means your wireless solution is well planned, robust and futureproof so once it’s installed, you don’t need to worry about upgrading or changing it for the foreseeable future. Centralised wireless network management ensures the system is secure, easy to monitor and easy to maintain and our IT support services mean we are always on hand when you need us. Let’s talk

Get the most out of your wireless network

Our bandwidth management solutions can further engineer the performance of your wireless network, helping you avoid network congestion and poor performance. Using bandwidth control precise amounts of bandwidth allowance can be allocated based on software programs and even times of day, to successfully meet the demands of your network. This gives you the bandwidth you need, when you need it so your business can always stay connected.

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All of the Wi-Fi systems we design and install include the capacity to create separate access for staff, guests or directors, as well as the ability to allocate specific bandwidth between areas of your organisation that have different levels of web usage.

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