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Smart budgeting for a smart home

Smart homes make the most of internet connected devices that are integrated together, to allow the management and monitoring of systems remotely.
Smart budgeting for a smart home
They can provide you with convenience, such as putting the kettle on from the warmth of your bed, to security, by viewing your CCTV feeds on your mobile device wherever you are in the world, as well as adding comfort and energy efficiency perks.

If you’re thinking about making your life easier at home or the office, you’re probably wondering where you start with budgeting…

The breakdown

Most automation projects are mainly split between the cost of hardware and the cost of installation, along with other smaller elements such as the planning or any ongoing costs.

Typically, the labour and installation element of an automation project will take up the largest chunk of your budget, with hardware coming in at a close second. Of course, every building is different and each project we undertake is bespoke to your individual needs, meaning that the typical budget split will not be the same for everyone.

Being experts in the design and installation of home and office automation, part of our costs goes towards the thorough planning and design. We’re here to provide our experience and offer solutions you may never have thought of, as well as advise on the systems that best fit your budget and specification.

Cat 5, 6 or 7?

Cabling infrastructure provides the backbone of your smart system, so choosing high quality cabling will pay off in the long run.

We would recommend using Cat 6 cabling, due to its data transfer capabilities and resilience, but Cat 5 and Cat 7 also have their advantages, such as being more economical or enabling a higher bandwidth.


The earlier you can start the planning process, the more cost effective the project is likely to be. It's best practice to have your solution planned out before the first-fix stage of the build, if you are starting from scratch. If your building is already wired and you want to fit your system retrospectively, then there are always wireless options available.

Planning in advance will also allow you to think about what features you’d like to include, such as an ‘All Off’ switch by your front door, turning off all the lights in the building and setting the alarm on your way out. Or you may want to incorporate scenarios, such as ‘Relax’, which would dim the lights and play your pre-selected playlist of chilled music.

Other considerations

We offer bespoke maintenance and support aftercare packages – for us, it’s not just about the installation. It’s about making sure the systems we install continue to perform long after we’ve finished on site.
We know that deciding to go ‘smart’ should not be a hasty decision, but when you’re ready, we’re here to help. Please get in touch with our team today for a complimentary consultation or site visits should you wish to have an indication of cost.

Dynamic Insights & advice

Dynamic Networks completes a Management Buyout and commences its acquisition strategy.

"David Smith (CEO) and Gareth Leece (COO) have successfully completed an MBO of Dynamic Networks, working with Paul Landsman of Kingland Capital. The MBO provides for a simplification of the Board structure to allow for its continued accelerated growth strategy. The additional investment secured through Kingland Capital provides a significant fund for the Management Team to hire likeminded industry professionals in-line with its hiring plan and also acquire complimentary Cloud Managed Service Providers as they continue their objective to be one of the fastest growing MSP’s in the UK with a strong reputation for quality service. Further announcements to follow."

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