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How to avoid an outbreak of wall acne

Gareth Leece
By Gareth Leece
One of the benefits of buying a brand new home is the fact that it’s a blank canvas. Clean, freshly painted walls.
How to avoid an outbreak of wall acne

No holes, fading or dust marks where the last owner hung their pictures. Instead, a fresh start with minimalist styling that you can make your own.

Why, then, would you want to clutter it up with a severe case of ‘wall acne’? Multiple light switches, alarm keypad, thermostat, audio system controller…there’s no doubt that today’s tech-heavy lifestyle comes with baggage. Lots of it.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. In the last 12 months, the home automation industry has taken a different turn and adopted a design-led way of thinking. Taking the lead from Apple and others, many of today’s home automation controls are sleek, stylish, sophisticated and won’t look out of place on your wall.

Using the same swipe-screen technology we’ve all become so used to on our smartphones and tablets, a single discreet unit lets you control everything, putting all of your tech at your fingertips. Open it up and deactivate your alarm. Scroll to the first screen to set the temperature. Swipe to the next and open or close your curtains or blinds. Another swipe and you can access your entire music collection. You can even use it to control your TV. Gone are the endless banks of switches and sockets. Instead, beautiful clear walls. A design-conscious homeowner’s dream, and the blank canvas you can use to make your home your own.

So if wall acne is putting you off the idea of home automation, think again. With controls like these, believe me, you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood.

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