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Choosing the right CCTV system for your business

When it comes to security and CCTV, choosing the right system is an important decision for most businesses.
Choosing the right CCTV system for your business
With a vast range of IP CCTV hardware available, where do you start when it comes to making the right decision for you?

1. Why do you need IP CCTV surveillance?
Businesses can benefit from IP CCTV systems not just by monitoring theft and crime, but also increasing the safety of your employees. Feedback from customers after our recent installations found that staff feel safer knowing they are protected. 

2. How large is the area you want the CCTV to cover?
The size of the area you want to monitor will determine the type of camera that is best for your business. PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras tend to be a better solution for larger areas as they’re a more powerful camera with a wider viewpoint and better zoom function. Costs can be reduced whilst maintaining high quality footage by using a PTZ IP CCTV system as generally less cameras are required. 

3. How clear would you like the quality of video to be?
It is often thought that high resolution cameras are best, but they are not always necessary in every scenario. Small office areas won’t necessarily need HD footage for the system to work effectively and can often be a low-cost solution, however larger areas or situations where you would need to identify people and faces would require a higher resolution of camera. Our hardware options range from lower-cost, 1080p camera solutions, right up to UHD 4K cameras. 

4. Do the security cameras need to be indoors or out?
Although most cameras can be used both indoors and out, other features such as the housing and mounting should be considered depending on the location of the system. Cameras placed outdoors are likely to face harsh weather conditions and should have adequate housing to protect the camera. Equally, indoor cameras may also need to be protected from dust, heat or vibrations.
5. Do you want to be able to view footage remotely?
One of the advantages of IP CCTV systems is the ability to view and control the cameras from anywhere in the world via mobile, tablet or other devices with internet connectivity. Using a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and specialist software, viewing your IP CCTV footage has never been easier.
6. Do you want the camera to act as a deterrent or be more discreet?
Small cameras that are available in various different colours can be discreet and not an eyesore if this is important to you. Larger cameras do have an advantage by acting as a clear deterrent to potential criminals and reduce the risk of theft.
7. Do you want the option to add more cameras in the future?
Scalability should be considered when choosing a IP CCTV system. Traditional CCTV systems are generally closed circuit, meaning the cameras are hard-wired and installing additional cameras would be difficult. IP cameras are a more scalable solution, as they connect to a network allowing your business to scale up the system as and when you need to. Adding additional IP cameras to a network is simple and low cost.
If you’re considering installing a new IP CCTV system or looking to upgrade your existing solution, then get in touch today for a site survey.

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