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Are you equipped for the battle against cyber-crime?

One of the biggest causes of cyber-crime is malware on spam and phishing emails.
Are you equipped for the battle against cyber-crime?

Antivirus software is a vital tool in your armoury to protect the computers in your organsiation against cyber attacks. But many businesses don’t have the right protection in place.

As a responsible business owner, it’s vital to make sure that the right antivirus software is installed and regularly updated on all PCs, laptops and servers within your organsiation, to help prevent your employees from becoming victims of cyber-crime and also to prevent valuable business data being compromised or stolen.

The role of antivirus software

Antivirus software is there to monitor all of the activity on your computer network, detect suspicious activity from potential viruses, worms or trojan horses and prevent them causing harm to your network, your staff and your business.

So called ‘phishing’ is the most common form of attack, targeting individuals with an email containing an Excel file attachment and asking for a payment. Gone are the days when these emails were easy to spot. Nowadays, they look genuine, and it’s easy to be tricked into opening the attachment. Once it’s open, there’s no going back. The malware will be installed on the computer, potentially giving full access to the cybercriminal and enabling them to extract and send themselves valuable data, such as bank details, passwords and account information.

The risk with this sort of attack is that it can go undetected very easily if the right antivirus software is not installed or kept up to date. Antivirus software helps prevent this kind of attack by scanning email messages as they arrive on your network and, if someone opens the attachment in error, alerting them and trying to remove the malware from the device.

Antivirus software will also do the following to protect your computer from cyber-attacks:

  • Regularly scan for malware on your computer and remove any malicious code detected.
  • Allow you to schedule scans to automatically run on each computer
  • Provide a dashboard to show the current health of your computer and detailed information about the last scan

What’s the right antivirus solution for you?

Your IT company will be able to advise you on the best antivirus protection for your business and look at whether your current antivirus software is delivering the right level of protection.

If you don’t currently have antivirus protection in place, or you have concerns about the current level of protection on your network, the team at Dynamic Networks can help by reviewing your requirements and advising on the best solution for your organsiation. Contact us to find out more.

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